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Playing House

He wants to make the same deal with Joe that he had with McCann, offering up all the information he needs to put away Skelos. But the promise of a hero's commendation and all the coke he can fit under his bathroom sink isn't enough to entice Joe. "Call me again and they will find your oily ass at the bottom of Rouge River," he says before swaggering back out the door.

The dead body awaiting Dani and Hernandez belongs to the trap-house thug that Damon ended. The guy is in considerably worse shape than when Damon left him, his face a nearly unrecognizable mask of red pulp. Hernandez blames it on dogs, but who's to blame for the guy's missing shoes? Dani waits with the body for a pickup, while Hernandez leaves to canvass the neighborhood.

Next up on House Hunters International: Michael has found a cozy two-story that's a real handyman's dream. Seriously, it looks like the house where hope goes to die. He seems pretty pleased with it, though, and shows it off to Maya and Damon. He says he's got the electricity running, thanks to a liquor store around the corner, and running water, too. As for heat, they'll just have to cuddle with the rats. Michael seems especially eager to impress Damon. "I shouldn't have popped off earlier," he says. "I was just trying to do you right." Damon claps him on the shoulder; all is forgiven for now.

They move on to discussing security issues. Without cops watching out for them, they decide they need a two-block perimeter. "Is there anybody in the neighborhood who might not wanna see a blind pig up and running?" Maya wonders. "Nah, it's a no man's land," Damon says. "As long as we don't push west of Woodward," Michael says. "That's all Reverend Lowdown's." Damon starts concocting a plan in his head that he will probably eventually come to regret.

Meanwhile, Boyd and Frank are deep in McCann's corpse with the medical examiner. "There's no hematoma," says the ME after poking around in McCann's mangled wrist. "Fairly extensive tissue from the fracture, but barely any internal bleeding." This means McCann's blood had stopped pumping before his wrist was broken, but Boyd needs this explained to him because he's never seen five minutes of any procedural TV show. Joe decides to show up at the autopsy instead of at the other crime scene like he was told. He launches into a speech to explain himself, expecting to be met with resistance, but Boyd's just like, "Whatever."

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