Low Winter Sun
The Goat Rodeo

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Playing House

Autopsy. Joe and Frank pace and circle each other like they're going to bust out fighting at any moment. Luckily, Boyd is too preoccupied with blocking our view of the dead Butterball's giblets to notice anything that's going on right behind him. "You're gonna love this," the ME says as he comes back from the lab. "The water in Brendan's lungs was chlorinated." Frank's brain struggles to come up with some kind of explanation – perhaps the river-going freighter was carrying chlorine! – but comes up blank. "Brendan McCann drowned in good old-fashioned Detroit tap water," the ME goes on. Frank winces, but says, "That's great work, Leo, it's... first-rate." Boyd takes note of Frank's weird reaction.

Frank and Joe return to the bullpen looking like someone just canceled Christmas. When Joe announces that he's going to go through McCann's old case files to see if he can identify Butterball, this doesn't sit well with Dani. Joe was, after all, supposed to be canvassing the neighborhood with her and Hernandez. "Don't start with me," he warns her. "You're not the one who was stranded in a trap house with a body that got used for dog food," she shoots back. Dawson steps in and reminds everyone what Frank said earlier about snapping at each other. Meanwhile, Frank is sitting at his desk, making meaningfully sad looks at his badge.

At the International, Steven is using some of his hard-earned cash on booze and shredding a coaster with crudely bandaged hands. The guy at the bar next to him orders a refill and stares lecherously at Maya's rear. When it's time to pay up, he pulls his money back, which requires Maya to lean forward and show some cleavage. She looks like she wants to punch him, but settles for taking his money. He watches again as she walks away. "Damn, now that's some ass," he says. Steven punches him in the throat. The lech falls off his stool and lies gagging on the floor. Steven looks horrified and flees the bar.

Later that night, Damon and Michael drive up to a party and park next to a pimpmobile (at least, that’s what TV has taught me to think of purple Cadillacs).Men are posted at the front of the house, and in windows overlooking the party. "Just keep your hands at your sides," Damon tells Michael. The men are all black, while Damon and Michael are very, very white. Damon shows them a parcel of coke. Guards frisk them both and then bring them around back to meet with Reverend Lowdown. The good Reverend is manning the grill while children run and play in the yard.

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Low Winter Sun




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