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Playing House

"We're planning on opening a small spot, east side," Damon tells him. "We wanna make sure there are no misunderstandings; we're not trying to inch in on your territory." The Reverend gives them a friendly smile, almost grandfatherly, even. "I see a couple of skinny white boys playing gangster," he says. This would be the perfect time for Damon and Michael to be like, "Whoa, you're totally right! We have no business doing any of this and are leaving the life immediately!" But they get down to talking about how they're going to run things, and the Reverend doesn't see this coke as a one-time thing as Damon intended. As long as Damon makes regular payments, the Reverend says he'll let him run the operation.

Everyone has left HQ for the night, except Dawson and Frank, who have a meeting with Boyd. With the darkened office, it all seems very hush-hush. To Frank's surprise, Boyd already has an ID on Butterball. Going on his suspicions about the victim, Boyd was able to get the DNA results back faster than usual. Frank looks over the file. "Who the hell is Tom Bobeck?" he asks. "He's Lieutenant Boyd's confidential informant in this case on Brendan McCann," Dawson says. Frank had heard them talking about Garrity Rights earlier, and wonders what good that would do McCann now that he's dead. But it's Joe Geddes who's the focus of the investigation, although it's unclear if things started out that way or developed after McCann's death. Either way, Frank makes a mental note to whoop Joe's ass later.

He goes back to Katia's house to meet with Joe, pulling a gun on him the second he walks through the door. "Is she alive?" Frank asks. "Put that thing down," Joe says. One of these days, somebody is going to get real tired of the way he doesn't answer questions. Frank tries again: "Where is she?" And again Joe doesn't answer: "You're on some very dangerous ground, my brother." Frank makes Joe put his gun and put it on the dresser. Joe tries to talk his way out of things with a metaphor about how he and Frank are married now, but apparently Frank wants a divorce. He puts his gun down next to Joe's, then shoves him into the nearest wall. Fisticuffs ensue!

Frank grabs Joe in a choke hold, then uses his free hand to punch him in the kidneys a whole bunch of times. He drops Joe to the floor. "You tell me where she is," he demands. Joe groans and struggles to get up, only to get shoved into the wall again. "I told you she's dead," Joe says between gasps of pain. Frank rubs his face in the bloodstain. "If I test this blood, who am I gonna find?" Frank asks. Joe starts to reiterate his past lies, which earns him a knee to the ribs. He tells Joe he knows about the body in the trunk now, and so does Boyd.

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Low Winter Sun




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