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Piggy Cried All the Way Home

As he walks back to his car after the session, he sees a city bus speeding down the road towards him. One step -- just one -- will put him directly in its path. He takes that step… but pulls back at the last moment, looking disappointed in himself for doing so. He heads into a convenience store and starts to reach into the refrigerator case for a malt liquor, but then decides against it. Instead, he opts for two bottles of something that looks like window cleaner. The brand of this fine spirit remains a mystery because, as with most of the products in the store, the labels are carefully turned away from the camera.

After that, he drinks and drives through the city for a bit. Deciding that's not quite dangerous enough, he pulls over to swallow a handful of pills and wash them down with several gulps of his window clear cocktail. He drives recklessly down crowded streets, weaving in and out of traffic. His vision blurs as he swerves from one lane to another. Yet, somehow, he manages not to kill himself. He pulls up outside a makeshift dog park where mostly pit bulls and their owners frolic in the shadow of crumbling buildings. Nick watches one of these dogs and his unseen owner get into a car and follows them to yet another liquor store.

He waits in the parking lot, red-eyed, until the owner comes back out of the store. Pulling up the hood of his jacket, Nick pulls out a gun and says, "Yo." Simple and to the point. He shoots and his victim falls to the ground. Only now do we see that it's Poppa T. He's still holding the bag of food he had just bought for his dog, who is barking frantically from the front seat of Poppa T's car. This dog, in his 20 seconds of screen time, has elicited 500 times more sympathy than Frank Agnew and all his self-indulgent brooding. Fictional or not, somebody better rescue that dog from that locked car.

Speaking of Frank: ugh. He shows up on Dani's doorstep in the middle of the night. "Half the department's been looking for you," she says. "Hey, look, you found me," he says. Against her better judgment, she lets him inside. Without any preamble, he leans in to kiss her. This time, she's the one to put a stop to things. "What are you doing?" she asks. "I got rejected by my hooker ex-girlfriend, so I thought I'd use you to boost my ego," he says. Or maybe he just makes up some crap about how he's been thinking about her and she totally buys it.

Nick hands his gun over to Damon. Apparently, he's confessed about killing Poppa T, because Damon says, simply, "I'll take care of it, man." And rescue the dog that's still in the car, while you're at it! Damon hugs Nick and tells him not to worry. After Nick leaves, Maya sits down with Damon. "It was the smart play," she says. "It had to be done, right, baby?" he asks. "It had to be done," she echoes. They're not talking about killing Poppa T, it seems, but about letting Michael die and ditching him in some ungraceful heap somewhere on the outskirts of town.

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Low Winter Sun




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