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There Was a Girl

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Flush It Down

Maya starts screaming for a lawyer the instant she hits HQ. Joe and Frank watch her from their desks courtesy security camera. "Forget her," Joe says. He points to Damon on another monitor. "Focus on this prick. He's the answer to our prayers." Frank has been opposed to pinning McCann's murder on an innocent person, but he's okay with pinning it on Damon, even though at this point he's not even sure that he's the one who killed Billy. Frank and Joe discuss in hushed tones just how they're going to get Damon to answer for their crimes. Dani walks up behind them, but conveniently misses out in the incriminating part of their chat. "This the perp?" she asks, eying the monitor. "Damon Callis," Frank tells her. Lieutenant Dawson joins them, and points out that all the evidence is circumstantial. Frank says they'll get him to confess. "You're not worried he'll ask for a lawyer?" Dani asks. "Nah, his ego's too jacked up," Frank says. To Dani's dismay, Dawson overlooks her and sends Frank in to question Damon. Speaking of jacked-up egos...

Frank sits down with Damon in the interview room that time and Spackle forgot. They proceed to have a smug-off, but soon realize they're pretty equally matched. Frank tries insulting Maya a little bit, saying she's really looking rough since she married Damon. Damon snits about how Frank's ex has married a professor. So they're tied there, too. Just when it looks like things are going to erupt in a "Yo Mama" contest, Frank grabs Damon and drags him into the restroom, away from the prying eye of the camera.

Joe's already in there, taking a leak in one of the stalls, because God knows what this show needs more of is Joe's urine. They could put together an Emmy reel of nothing but Joe's urine. Watch out next year, Bryan Cranston and John Hamm! "Hey, Joe, you still pissing blood?" Frank asks. Joe doesn't answer, but helps Frank drag Damon over to the toilet where we discover that, yes, he is still pissing blood. He should probably see a doctor about that. In the meantime, we're treated to multiple shots of Damon getting his head soaked in the bowl, including a shot or two from the urine's point of view! Each time they let Damon up for a breather, they get soaked with the splash back, so now they all reek of Joe's urine. Dani walks by outside and hears all the gurgling. Lieutenant Dawson stands in front of the restroom door, guarding it. Dani looks pretty disgusted, but says nothing. Cue opening credits.

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Low Winter Sun




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