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Maya makes it back to the International only to find Sean waiting for her outside. He immediately starts moaning and groaning about his bad tooth. Instead of handing him a pair of pliers and sending him on his way, she invites him inside for drinks. "Where's Douche Romeo?" Sean asks. "It's a long story," she says, then proceeds to tell it in fewer than 20 words. Sean suggests she call Frank for help, but Frank's the one who arrested Damon.

Joe heads over to an ice rink where Skelos is watching his son at hockey practice. Joe argues with his daughter over the phone about a slumber party she's having that night, for which he is expected to provide all the snack foods. She keeps blathering on, until he's finally like, "Daddy has to meet with a gangster now, sweetie, bye-bye!" It turns out Skelos was the one who called Joe at the station, and warned him about the possibility of Damon exposing them. "I put my neck on the line today," Joe says. "I put my job on the line!" Damon needs to disappear, he says. Joe has apparently helped Skelos handle this sort of thing before, but he doesn't want any part of it from now on.

Sean moans and groans about his dental problems some more, only stopping when he realizes Maya is crying. He pats her hand, which just makes her cry even more. "You know, it could be worse," he says. "You could still be married to me." That gets a little laugh out of her.

Frank drives around town, trying to find a radio station that he likes. This proves to be an impossible task, because Frank doesn't like anything. He drives past a guy wearing stilts and some kind of post-apocalyptic getup with the words "Detroit Rise Up" painted on the front of some kind of breastplate. The guy waves at him in slow motion. That was... weird.

That night, Dani explains to her mother on the phone that she'll be taking the L-SAT in December. Which means it isn't December yet, which means it isn't winter yet. Why on earth is this show called Low Winter Sun? (Aside from the obvious reason that the original bore the same name.) Maybe it's the winter of the human soul, or some symbolic crap like that. Anyway, she has to get off the phone with her mom because somebody's knocking at her front door. Luckily, it's Simon Boyd and not Frank looking for another roll in the hay. At first she's pissed at the intrusion, but then he tells her he's there to talk about Joe.

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