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There Was a Girl

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Flush It Down

Joe is currently wandering around outside his home, within earshot of the music and girlish laughter coming from within. He checks the clip in his gun just as Frank pulls up in his driveway. "I know you're not here for the party," Joe jokes. "Which is a good thing, because we're already out of burgers." Frank looks even more dour than usual. "Shut up," he says. While they're glaring at each other, April comes out to tell her dad that a friend has dropped an earring down the toilet. Thanks for the update, kiddo. Joe's had enough of toilets for one day and tells April to go take care of it herself. "I'm not leaving until I get some answers," Frank says.

For some reason, they decide to have their chat on Joe's boat, which they take some distance out into the water. Joe starts to complain about living with women, but Frank cuts him off. "We agreed Callis was perfect," Frank says. "I could see the end of this! We'd be done." But Joe's like, "We're murderers, Frank! Ain't no end to that!" Frank rails at him about the murders that Skelos got Brendan to cover up as suicides. That's what Damon was going to blab about, but Frank assumes that Damon doesn't know Joe was involved, too. Why wouldn't he know that? Why would Frank assume that? Joe launches into a poetic speech about how weak a man he is. "You see that river? That's me, always looking for the path of least resistance, for the easy way around this city." God made him weak, he says, but the Lord gave him some strong chompers with which to chew the scenery to make up for it. "You know Brendan hated you," Joe says. "He hated your strength." Barf.

He says all they had to do was slip the M.E. a hundred bucks now and then. Maybe they should have done that when the guy was examining Brendan's corpse, eh? "Don't like you didn't have a choice," Frank says. "I MADE A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL!" Joe explodes. "AND HE DOESN'T LET YOU WALK AWAY!" He goes on shouting for a while, even though there's another boat in the water pretty close by. Maybe he deafened everyone on board with his stentorian raving. Somehow, the conversation turns to Dani, whom Frank holds up as the last good cop in the department. Joe scoffs because now he knows Frank has parking his Explorer in her garage. So to speak. "She thinks you killed Brendan," Frank says. Way to put a target on her back, doofus. Joe just laughs. "I got other problems, like what were you doing in Chicago?" They stare at each other in dramatic fashion for a while. Sadly, nobody pushes anybody else off the boat.

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Low Winter Sun




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