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"Back to You, Bob"

Jerry shows up looking like hell, and Wheelchair yells at him for playing poker at a high-stakes table because it's going to draw attention to them.

Twitchy goes outside to talk to a man named Goose, who is played by a person that is not what you would call a classically trained actor, so that we can learn all about claiming horses and the ins and outs of that. Basically, you say you want to buy a horse before the race, and then maybe at the end of the race you get to buy the horse. In Twitch's case, he wants to buy the horse himself but then share the horse with his fellow junkies, because he is a sweetheart.


Jill Hennessey pulls her arm out of a horse's rectum long enough to talk to Escalante about how probably Ace is a mobster. The horse that Twitchy wants to claim, Escalante doesn't really want to sell, so he puts fake bandages on the horse's ankles that will make it seem like a bad deal but the horse will still win the race.

Jill: "Sure! Old-school head fake."
Escalante: "On another topic, I sure hope getting involved with Ace and Gus doesn't end with me being dead, but probably it will."

Goose takes Twitchy through the motions of getting an owner's license, claiming the horse, and having things explained to him in simple but still idiosyncratic language.


One more thing that Wheelchair is incensed about is, Hustler Junkie has bought himself a suit. He still looks like a total creep, but Wheelchair just doesn't want the attention. He makes reference to a thing we didn't talk about last week, which is that the two ladies that Hustler is supposedly getting paid to fuck are actually insurance scam artists. Apparently the plan is for him to slip and fall in some way and then everybody profits.

Wheelchair: "Meanwhile they probably got you signed to some life insurance policy or something."
Hustler: Does not heed this warning, as it turns out, to his detriment.
Wheelchair: Yells and yells at him about this and that.
Hustler, verbatim: "My mental adroitness is dulled by this constant negativity."

Wheelchair once again makes fun of the fact that Hustler is talking like a crazy person, as though he and everybody else on this show don't also talk like that for no reason. Twitchy runs after Hustler Lonnie and tells him not to take it personally that Wheelchair is so grumpy all the time, and to tell him about how he's buying a horse for them so they can always be friends forever. He's a simple soul.

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