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"Back to You, Bob"

Escalante, regarding the winner of the "shake": "I'm losing my horse to some fucking cowboy with different-sized haircuts!"
Gus: "On the other hand, your horse ran faster than the other horses!"
Escalante: "I have a lot on my mind right now, due to all these horses and sad-sack people everywhere and their storylines."
Ace: "Can we fucking wrap this up and go see my horse? Uh, I mean Gus's horse?"


Porky Pig: "...And I'm refreshed! And I'm enthusiastic about you!"
Hot Drunk Jockey: "Okay, let me just see how this hang goes with the Old Man. You are pretty unctuous when you're not being crass and mean to everybody. Why can't we see more of the nicer side of you? The one that holds hands with little boys?"
Porky Pig: "I see you haven't noticed my distinct lack of an overdone and unending, unnecessary stutter every time I open my mouth."
Ronnie: "No, I noticed. And thank you."

Twitchy, so sad: "I was gonna give him to my friends!"
Goose: "Maybe there are other horses at this race track that you could buy. Let's see."


Ronnie: "This horse of yours sure is attractive."
Old Man: "That's because of who his father is. And How They Killed Him."
Ronnie: "Why don't you spin a half-incomprehensible yarn about that, while looking amazing? And also what your whole deal is? And tell it like a myth about the origin of all life in the universe?"
Old Man: "Check."

"Well, the second half-mile at Keeneland -- which was the morning of the afternoon you were in the middle of that hell over at Pimlico -- some A-1 blue-blood assholes gave me a leg up on that hell. Well, your filly had beaten them in the derby. So they made sure the next one was gonna be hardball. [The Irish Lass has some kind of Spidey Sense that makes her appear whenever the Old Man starts acting weird; she lurks.] That's when I first said to him that he could be something special. Delphi's son. Kentucky Quality killed his daddy. When the Colonel died, they took over the farm and they spent all the money. There was nothing left. They took out an insurance policy on Delphi for $30 million. [The Old Man starts crying.] Then they killed him. They broke his legs. They said it was his fault. You know what breaking legs sounds like? Branches snapping. [Now Ronnie is crying. Everybody is crying.] I always wondered if maybe I could have done something. Heard something..."

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