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Ace: "Why the fuck is this kid here talking to me? Saying words out of its mouth?"
Chairman: "I'll have him killed, shall I?"
Ace: "Don't answer a question with a question. What is his purpose?"
Chairman: "He's exceptional with muni derivatives."
Ace: "Good. I was hoping to hate him. Send him over to my hotel."
Chairman: "When?"

Ace just keeps walking.


Horses that will be racing are called things like: Caves Creek, Mr. Break, Midnight Win, Chief Thief, Dusty Rhodes, Devil's Kin and the Old Man's horse, Gettin' Up Morning. There's a reporter there asking him questions, and the main thing right away is that Walter doesn't want GUM's first race to be on the inside, against the rail, post position one, or any other thing that means that.

Porky Pig joins them, and the reporter asks him if Ronnie's ever ridden for Walter, like back in Kentucky -- but no, they just bonded over that, not actually knew each other from there. Porky goes off about how much Ronnie loves the horse... And of course, GUM's in first position. Walter takes his irritation out on the reporter, which is hard to feel bad about because what could be worse than a racetrack reporter, and Porky tries to be cute about it, but Porky is... Not cute. So it doesn't work that well.

It's interesting that Walter seems to get more and more grossed out by Porky as the episode continues, whereas Porky's had love feelings for him since the day the Old Man told GUM about his father and How They Killed Him.


Jerry: "Mr. Escalante, you seem like a stable individual who isn't out entirely for himself. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about Mon Gateau. It's because we're thinking of buying him, you see."
Escalante: "Ahem."
Jerry: "Oh, right. Here is some money so you can lie to me."
Escalante: "I think that horse is going to die, or go blind, or something terrible, in about five minutes."
Jerry: "Okay. Well, then when we buy him do you want to train him?"
Escalante: "But I just told you..."
Jerry, in a stylized manner: "-- Yeah, and you're the Worst. Are you saying you weren't lying just now?"
Escalante: "Okay, you got me. I'll train your horse."


Everybody At Valet, The Lobby, Everywhere: "Mr. Bernstein, you're my favorite! Mr. Bernstein, the bottom of your shoe is so tasty!"

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