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Nathan Israel: "Describing me as 'strong in muni derivatives' is, frankly, selling me short."
Ace: "Weren't you just a junk bond trader? Like in the '80s, but now?"
Nathan Israel, verbatim: "A person who saw no important difference between the fire outside a Neanderthal's cave and a working thermonuclear reactor might tell you that junk bonds and derivatives both serve to energize capital."

Nathan Israel, having delivered this cutting blow to the high-stakes world of junk bond and thermonuclear capital energizing, excuses himself to the tiny little boys' room.

The Tiniest Boy Of All: "So Gus, Escalante told you more amazing things about the horse?"
Gus: "I think so. The way we talk on this show, frankly I have no real idea. But it sounded positive."
Ace: "I think this kid is plenty smart. And ambitious. But he has no style, Gus. Not like us. I think he will really piss off Dumbledore."
Gus: "Be ready to explain this to me again at the end of the episode."


Leon, gettin' steamy with it. Leon, maybe praying some more. Leon who, without many clothes on, really improves in the face department. Leon, losing his shit to the continued yips from the crack heard round the world -- or maybe to a jockey ailment -- falls onto that selfsame face of his, and blood spills out everywhere and puddles around the face and his tiny naked body. And here we thought Ronnie would be the first to go!

Jockeys: They're not just for Christmas, they're for life.


Of all the Degenerates, I think probably you'd want Twitch (Renzo?) taking care of you after you got roofied and bent to hell by a couple of coogs.

Wheels: Bitching as usual.
Twitch: "We're buying a horse! I think we should call our stable the Four Amigos Stable! Because there are four of us, and we are amigos!"
Wheels: "Shorten it to 4-A, because that could mean more than one thing. Because we are also assholes."

Jerry: "Okay, I'm back. $32.5K seals it, pending he clears Escalante's Jill Hennessey."
Degenerates: "We're buying a horse!"
Jerry: "Also, I am going to go see Goose and give him a hug for how we're fucking him over."
Degenerates: "We are cautiously optimistic! About buying a horse!"


Ronnie gets dressed for one million years prior to riding whatever horse he's about to ride, and just the sheer time it takes -- and beauty, of course, in how it's shot -- tells you some more awful shit is going to befall him shortly.

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