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Escalante: "Well, I'm over it, so that means it's over. You're not allowed to have feelings about the things I do once I have moved on. Now let's do some horse things with some horses."
Jo: "Um, I'm out this round. And you can go fuck yourself."
Escalante: "Or you could fuck me. Eh? Ehhhh?"
Jo: "The very fact of having sex with you is so degrading that it'll later be paralleled in this episode with Ronnie's drinking and Jerry's gambling. See you at nine, though."


Degenerates: Explain math to one another. It does not go well.

The Old Man: "Can I use your phone? I have to call Porky Pig to tell him about the collarbone of Ronnie."
Sweet Desk Fella: "I have Porky on speed-dial, hang on and I'll dial it for you."
The Old Man: "Thanks, I left my eyeglasses in the barn. Somehow even that banal statement comes out adorable, when it's me."
Sweet Desk Fella: "Ronnie didn't look that bad when I saw him, don't be sad."
The Old Man: "No, like I have to ride in two days. It's been decided. I need to figure something out. Also I left my cell phone at the barn."
Sweet Desk Fella: "Jesus, you are just the cutest thing. You're like Engywook crossed with Atticus Finch. I don't know if I wanna do you, or just bring you hot lunches."

Cowboy: "Enjoy your horse, Degenerates. And the barbecue grill. And me probably fucking you over in some way down the line."
Degenerates, separately and silently: "Man, I hope things work out for that amazing old man."


Escalante, in his vernacular: "Here's how the stable works. Seven days a week, $85 a day for training, including hay and straw; $3 for vitamins. $125 a month for blacksmithy; $75 to float his teeth, which don't worry about what that means; $60 for carrots. Acupuncture when I feel like it, which -- trust me -- he is going to want that, is $125. Something else involving a pony for $25. Insurance is optional, I wouldn't do it. If we take him anywhere, like to race somewhere else further away from Dustin Hoffman, that's about couple hundred. Oh, and you pay for the vet and your silks."

Twitch: "We haven't decided on our colors, for the silks. Or a stable name."
Escalante: "I don't care. I will bill you monthly, and dire things will happen if you get behind. Now, here is your horse. Your Cake, as it were."

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