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Heart Like A Wheels

Wheels: "Jerry, did you give that man money?"
Jerry: "I'm sure he will make good choices with it. Please don't bust my balls."
Wheels: "I have nothing to do but sit in this chair and think up conspiracies."
Jerry: "You are gonzo and flip!"
Wheels: "Why do we talk like this?"

To the list of things Wheels likes to bitch at Jerry about, we add the fact that he keeps a diary. I cannot imagine what Jerry would write about in his diary. Like poker poker poker over and over in a scary handwriting. To the list of counterintuitive things you might not have suspected, we can additionally add that Twitch has a fairly great bod. Credit where it's due.

Twitch & Lonnie: "Jerry just told us that you probably are dying again, so we're going to take you to the hospital."
Wheels: "I suppose it's possible that my unceasing bitter misanthropy is having physiological effects."
Degenerates: "We take care of each other. While being very rude."


Escalante: "How is this random horse doing?"
Jo: "You only ask me that when you know they're fine. But on the subject of this horse, he's wondering just like everybody else if today is the day Gus's horse finally races."
Escalante: "You tell that horse that I am so paranoid I don't even trust horses not to tell my secrets."
Jo: "See what you did, horse? Like it's not hard enough trying to make him treat me like a person."

Ace & Gus: "Escalante, Jo. Nice to see you. Listen, could you stop fucking around and just tell us if the horse is going to race or not?"
Escalante: "I have very little in this world that makes me feel like I'm in control, so I'm going to dick you around some more. But here's the thing, I only said the horse was going to run because [giggly doubletalk]."
Ace: "I think that you are trying to game the race by having this horse run its first race as a surprise, while being ridden by the Bug they call Leon."
Escalante: "That makes sense, but I refuse to admit that I'm doing that."

Ace: "Because it seems to me that you are letting a love of gambling blur our affections for one another."
Escalante: "I can bet in a semi-corrupt fashion while still being a good trainer."
Ace: "When I say Gus, I mean myself. In that spirit, I think Gus wants to threaten you to put a better rider on this horse when it runs."
Escalante: "Your horse is so excitingly talented that it wouldn't matter who was riding him."
Ace: "That is nice to hear, but I'm taking that horse away from you if you don't fix this situation."
Escalante: "Then do it!"

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