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Heart Like A Wheels

Gus: "That little meeting was kind of stressful."
Ace: "I'm going to be honest here -- I'm a bit grumpy. I haven't kicked Nathan Israel in the nuts today, and Claire didn't even show up because she's a weirdo, and now Escalante is gaming the system using our horseflesh."
Gus: "Maybe you should calm down a little bit. It's still just the morning."
Ace: "You know I like bitching."
Gus: "Yeah, buddy."

They are cute some more.


Jo: "Hey, don't be so self-destructive all the time okay?"
Escalante: "No!"
Jo: "I must be incredibly fucked up to like you so much."
Escalante: "I said go away!"
Jo: "Your awful behavior makes me weak in the knees."


Doctor: "Wheels, please stop getting in your own way so I can do some doctoring."
Wheels: "I can hear what you're saying, but my constitutional shittiness won't allow me to act in good faith even as you're trying to save my life."
Doctor: "Are you taking your meds?"
Wheels: "I overheard the nurses talking about how I'm a frequent flyer, although in all fairness I may have been hallucinating. I will say this, though, the problem is not that I'm not taking my meds, my problem is that I'm at death's door. Simply too mean to live much longer."
Doctor: "It makes me sad to hear you talk that way. Your heart cannot take all this stress. You should calm down and stop being such a jerk and you will live longer."
Wheels: "NEVER!"

They are also cute together.

Doctor: "Do you have anybody you can talk to and maybe feel better about life?"
Wheels: "No, merely some magical horse moments. Although maybe what you're saying is that I am gay and in love with Jerry. I will think about this later, when I am totally jacked up on pills."


Ace & Gus come back to bother Escalante and see if he fixed the problem. He gives them a list of jockeys they might like, a list of just white jockeys for some reason, and then they give him five grand to buy off the Bug. Ace is very into buying off hurt feelings. Escalante takes a secret meeting with Porky Pig and tells him to split the money with Leon; Porky multitasks by also being super mean to a homeless guy while they settle that account.


Wheels thinks about death and loneliness so hard he doesn't even notice when Jerry comes in. I'm beginning to think he's right that he's about to... No, he's just taken one of the Valiums the doctor gave him.

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