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Heart Like A Wheels

Ronnie: "Even Jacob, who knows less about horse racing with every episode that airs, can understand that a standing appointment with a claiming horse doesn't make tremendous sense. This is just you getting paid off because Gus and Ace threatened Escalante, and you've been a pawn in his game the whole time anyway."
Porky Pig: "Yeah, he's right. Now if you will, I am going to lose my shit for a second to prove how much I care about you."
Ronnie: "Oh, and also I quit."
Leon: "I don't really want to be here right now either."

They make their tiny way out of there, and Porky Pig drinks more, all alone. I don't know how to be good at his job, but I can't imagine that he is the best at what he does.


Even though it's only halfway through the episode, Ace and Gus decide to do their nighttime activities.

Gus: "I just wanted to say -- taking the lexical long away around -- that I am proud of how you have managed to make everything work out so far."
Ace: "But to look at the glass half empty, why did Claire flake on us?"
Gus: "Maybe it was a good thing, maybe had a perfectly normal reason. And meanwhile, our horse is going to race tomorrow!"
Ace: "Gus, you keep me young. Or at least you try."


Horses run in a circle. It's their main deal. Musical montage of people washing horses, jockeys riding horses, a chicken, a horse eating, saddles being washed, a horse and its teeth. Escalante feeling hopes.

Where is Walter? Where's my Old Man, for God's sake?


Ace is still in his robe, brushing teeth, when Gus announces the impending arrival of Claire Lechea. He gets a little nervous, and does that funny walk he's been doing since he was a very young man. I love watching Dustin Hoffman walk, don't you? Like a Teddy Bears' Picnic.

Claire: "Mr. Bernstein, I am so sorry for flaking on you. I guess I have a fear of success."
Ace: "Miss Lechea, don't worry about it. In fact, why don't you take a nap and then accompany me to the racetrack."
Claire: "I am still so cagey and mysterious. Maybe I'm just overemotional about horses and ex-cons, but that seems unlikely."


Porky Pig is, surprisingly enough, on another fuckin' tear. Everybody's mean to him at that desk where they do all the business, and then he gets his ex-wife's voicemail -- narrative shorthand for "dude is about to go bonkers again" -- and he just keeps walking all around.

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