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Kiss with a Fist
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We rejoin "Sutton" and Laurel in their Homecoming crowns -- Laurel, of course, is still wearing Justin's and raving about what a magical night they just had. All Emma can muster is that it was "fun." Laurel tells her to put things into perspective: "How many times will the Mercer sisters both get to be Cinderella on one night?" Technically, Laurel, I'm pretty sure you're Gus... Emma agrees but reminds Laurel that "once the clock strikes midnight, it all turns to crap." Laurel says that may be true, but there's no turning back on the kiss that "Sutton" shared with Ethan at the dance. Emma changes the subject, asking Laurel if she ever thinks about who their parents dated in high school besides each other. Laurel is all, "Obvs, no," so Emma brings out the picture of Ted, Alec and the presumptive Annie Hobbs. Laurel has no idea who it is but does snark about her bitchin' fingerless gloves.

Just then, Sutton's computer brrrrings. Laurel assumes it's Ethan and moves to make herself scarce. She exits the room, and Emma self-consciously removes her crown before answering. She tries to cut Sutton off by going into the news of the photo, but Sutton is focused on the pictures she saw online. Emma reminds Sutton that she's technically the one who won Homecoming Queen. But that's not the particular ax Sutton wants to grind. She asks, "And kissing Ethan, that was part of the whole 'being me' thing, too?" Emma has no good answer for that one, so she switches topics and shows Sutton the picture, which proves that Annie Hobbs was from Phoenix and that Ted and Alec knew her. She begs Sutton to come back home and take her life back.

Sutton doesn't have a chance to make her decision before Thayer walks out of the bathroom in a towel asking, "Babe, did you use all the shampoo?" Emma is baffled, and Sutton is horrified -- not least of which for the fact that Thayer just called her "babe." I'm pretty sure that a spite-driven quickie does not qualify her as his babe. (And that's without mentioning the fact that, as reader Nina Lisa Tomlinson points out, this very same revenge sex could very well have been with her half-brother -- or, at the very least - her BFF's actual brother. Being a teenager these days is hard, y'all.) Sutton immediately starts in on damage control, explaining that she's staying with Thayer for a few days, and then harshly telling Emma to keep her mouth shut about what she just saw. She seals it with a stern warning: "Don't think I'm done talking to you about that kiss." End transmission.

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