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In California, Sutton is bitching about Emma hijacking her life. Thayer asks why she doesn't just go home and reclaim her identity, but Sutton thinks they're just "one lucky break" away from finding Annie. Thayer admits he'd miss Sutton if she left and asks why she was so bothered for Emma to see him on the Skype call -- especially after they just... "you know." Sutton's all, "About that..." Thayer gets that she's heading in the general direction of a brush-off and cuts her off at the pass when he sees the sign of a gallery they're looking for. They look in the window and see one of Annie's starry sky paintings. Unfortunately, this is not the lucky break for which Sutton was hoping because there's a sign announcing that the gallery is closed until November. Sutton starts to panic, but Thayer -- not unlike Ethan -- promises to figure something out.

Back in Phoenix, Ethan finds Emma in the high school quad looking through old yearbooks. She has yet to find Annie Hobbs, but she still has hope. Ethan tells her he's been thinking and agrees that being together as they are now isn't working. Emma sullenly agrees with him. He grabs her arm and tells her he's decided to break up with Sutton.

Meanwhile, Mads shows up at Eduardo's house, where he is packing his things into his car to move back to Chicago. She thinks they can go back to the way things were before the kiss, but he won't have it. He finally admits that he has feelings for her, too, and takes her face in his hands to kiss her. He tells her to go, that things are bigger and more dangerous than their taboo relationship. Mads doesn't understand, but Eduardo has a dire tone in his voice and won't tell her any more.

That afternoon, Justin calls Laurel to tell her that his parents won't be able to make it to the family barbecue after all. He gives a pretty good excuse, but Laurel is still disappointed. She tries to find the silver lining and basically invites herself over to his house for some unsupervised hanky panky. He manages to wiggle out of it, telling her that he has two papers and a golf tournament the next day. Laurel must admit defeat... for now.

In the kitchen, Kristin and "Sutton" are preparing for the barbecue. Kristin mentions all the buzz going around about Sutton and Ethan's relationship, so "Sutton" asks for some motherly advice. She mentions that Ethan was -- and, in fact, is -- still dating someone, though she is pretty certain that person is cheating on him. Should she tell? Should she keep quiet? Kristin says she'd want to know if she were Ethan. Before things can get anymore weird, Laurel enters the room and announces that Justin and his family won't be able to make it to dinner after all. Kristin thinks it would be a "lovely gesture" for Laurel to show up unannounced at Justin's house with a plate of food. As luck would have it, the Arroyo student directory just arrived that day -- all the better for stalking you with, my dear!

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