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Back in California, Thayer arrives back at the apartment o find Sutton in the same place he left her three hours ago. She seems distant, so he looks at the computer to see what is distracting her. Naturally he finds that she's been poring over the pictures of Emma and Ethan kissing at Homecoming. He angrily says that she's wasting both their time and says he can't believe he dumpster dove for her. She yells back, "I'm sorry... for everything." He wonders if she's sorry for sleeping with him, too. She snits, "You really don't want me to answer that question." He can't help himself: "The guy broke up with you, Sutton." She fires back that he planned to walk into view of the webcam so Emma would see him. He says that, "unlike some guys," he refuses to wait around for her to tell people about him. With that, he snatches his jacket up, tells her he's leaving for a couple days, then warns her to be gone by the time he comes back.

Back in Phoenix, Ethan escorts a blindfolded Emma to their first date. He has set up a table outside his trailer with roses and candles, the works. She admits no one has ever treated her this well before and has a crisis of conscience. She spills in one horrifying run-on sentence that Sutton is staying -- and most likely sleeping -- with Thayer in L.A. Ethan is justifiably taken aback and asks how long Emma has known about this. Emma admits it's been a few days but says she didn't want to say anything because she wanted to know that Ethan was actually breaking up with Sutton to be with her instead of to be rid of Sutton. He says coldly, "You know what? You're not going to have to wonder about it either way now." He walks back into the trailer, punching the door on the way in, and leaves Emma to stare forlornly at the dream date that would never be.

The next day, Mads looks on pictures of Eduardo on her phone. She decides to call him and is met by a female voice, who identifies herself as an ER nurse.

Meanwhile, Laurel drives around Justin's supposed neighborhood looking for clues. She finds Justin's car in front of a house with a foreclosure sign. She finds that the door is unlocked and walks in, announcing herself nervously along the way. She eventually finds a bedroom with a sleeping bag, a bunch of clothes, and a set of golf clubs inside. Justin appears from nowhere and says, "If I'd have known you were coming, I would have cleaned up."

Over at Char's house, Emma is helping Char get ready for her date with the cutest stalker-thief in high school. Char sees that "Sutton" is down and assures her things with Ethan will work out. She asks, "What did you lie about anyway?" "Sutton" says it doesn't matter because she should have been completely honest with Ethan. Char thinks withholding is a much lesser offense than straight-up lying and says peppily, "Trust me, Sutton, these bad boys are lucky to have us." The doorbell rings. Char realizes she's not ready and sends "Sutton" to fetch her purse. Along the way, Emma sees pictures of Char's mom with Annie.

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Lying Game




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