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Back at the valet, Char sees Ethan and marches herself and her bitchface up to him. She screams at him for breaking up with Sutton, so he takes her aside and tells her to lower her voice. He asks if she even knows what she's talking about, and she admits she doesn't. He slips, "Why don't we just keep this thing between me and Emma." Whoops! Char latches onto the name and assumes Ethan has been cheating. Which, not entirely off-base. Just way less complicated than the actual circumstances. And also way less icky. Faster than Ethan can conceive of a lie to get out of this mess, Char's phone rings, and she tells Derek they have to go to the hospital.

Emma arrives at the hospital -- where Mads is waiting to hear about Eduardo's post-accident surgery -- just after Char. In turn, Ethan arrives just after her. He tries to say there's no big deal, but Char thinks the fact that he left work to follow her says otherwise. She drops the "news" that Ethan is cheating with "someone" named Emma (prompting a horrified look from Emma herself) and says, "So tell us, Ethan. Who's Emma?" Naturally Thayer walks up at this moment and chimes in, "I think that's a pretty good question." Ethan has no time to explain himself right now because he's too busy lunging at Thayer to knock that mofo out.

Elsewhere, Ted and Alec meet in a darkened parking lot. Ted is antsy about the questions coming from "Sutton." He tells Ted that he's beginning to think there's no way out. Alec says with cool, frightening confidence that there's always a way. He adds, "Here's what we gotta do..."

Cut to Sutton, who has made her way to a psychiatric hospital listed on the packing lips. She heads into the office of Dr. Hughes, who is distractedly filing something. When Sutton mentions Annie's name, Dr. Hughes sees the red flag Alec warned her about. She calmly lies that there is no one named Annie Hobbs in this facility. Sutton instinctively doesn't believe the good doctor, so she takes a wander down the hall (since doors at psychiatric hospitals are always unlocked) and immediately finds Annie's room. She looks inside and says quietly, "Mom." Just as they establish eye contact, a hand reaches out from the darkness and grabs Sutton. Cut to black.

Next week: Eduardo fights for his life, and Sutton says, "I get the weirdest feeling that somebody is watching me." That somebody would be Alec. Can you people even see your hands in front of your faces? Sheesh.

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