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Gun For A Tongue
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Emma: "In my efforts to appear like less of a crackhead, I have taken to wearing entire outfits and full makeup while I sleep."
Voicemail: "Hey, it's your creepy foster brother, just calling to threaten you some more."

(Emma shivers, tries on hats, attempts to be as cool as Sutton, heads downstairs.)

Parents: "Yeah, so they're going to fix the window and we're going to track down that laptop. Everything is back to normal. Hey, did we mention that father-daughter dance that Sutton is attending Sunday with her dad?"

Laurel: "Ahem. I also exist. Daughter number two, sitting right here. Ready to dance."

Dad, obliviously: (Whirls Emma around the kitchen. It is a travesty of dance!)


Ethan: "Ever since that person broke in, it's a lot easier to just come creeping in your window."
Emma: "I am packing up my shit and getting out of here. It was just supposed to be two days, and Travis is up my ass, and now I'm supposed to ballroom dance in front of people? Bullshit, I'm going to LA to find my sister."
Ethan: "At least you have that laptop, though."
Emma: "Oh, and the laptop is gone."

Dad: "...Sutton! Borrow my laptop! I bookmarked all your favorite sites and put about a hundred bucks on your iTunes account so you won't stop loving me like before!"
Emma: "Sutton's Dad, your human decency is a constant shock to me because I was raised by wolves."
Dad: "It's a lovely quality, but not as lovely as my German Shepherd ability to ignore how weird you are all the time. I'm just happy my only daughter is acting nice again!"
Laurel: "Ahem. Again."


Laurel: "I am totally skipping that dance. Watching Dad crawl all over you makes me physically ill. Or else I am just saying that for attention."
Emma: "No! I need you there!"
Laurel: "As everyone does in every scene, I feel compelled to remark on how out-of-character everything you say and do seems to be."
Emma: "And yet nobody will ever actually put that together because it's too ridiculous to even consider. Handy way to sustain the drama of this show."

Laurel: "Check out this viral video of you punching Nisha last night! I even made up some hip-sounding teen lingo that no human being would ever actually say."
Emma: "We're skipping coffee this morning. Both because I had no idea we always get coffee, but also because I am amped up because of my lies."
Laurel: "No problem. Hey, did I ever vaguely mention the Lying Games to you?"
Emma: "No, is that important?"
Laurel: "Not as important as they were in the book, so I guess we can just drop it."

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Lying Game




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