Lying Game
Being Sutton

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Gun For A Tongue

Adrian Pasdar: "I am tiny! And hot! But super sketchy!"
Emma: "Hello, person!"
Adrian: "I am going to take Mads to the Club for dinner, you should come with us. She is my daughter. Dinner is an evening meal."
Emma: "I would love, that, Mr... Dad... But..."
Mads: "-- We have to go shopping! Give me some of your money."

Adrian: "Listen, Sutton, I'd love to awkwardly involve you in our family shit."
Emma: "This should go well."
Adrian: "It'll make more sense at the end of the episode when it becomes clear that I blame you for everything, but here's the thing. Mads's brother that you have a mysterious involvement with, he moved to LA to be a computer person. And I hope he starves."
Mads: "I am on Thayer's side! I hope he never comes back to our household!"
Emma: "Um, I don't know what side I'm on because I have no idea what you're talking about, but Adrian Pasdar is both charismatic and intimidating, so... I say screw Thayer!"
Adrian: "Nice. Nice seeing you, Sutton. I do not trust you at all, but you can't tell because I'm so generally sketch."

Mads: "The fuck? You're like Thayer's best friend."
Emma: "Listen, I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that somebody is named that."

Char: "Hey guys! Let's go shopping! I love to have fun! My face is a mask of swallowed disappointment and self-loathing! Do not let it concern you!"
Mads: "No prob."
Emma: "Wait, Char, what just happened with Eduardo? Is your whole life a... Lying Game?"
Char: "Oh no, he just kicked me out of ballet; I am no longer allowed to practice ballet anywhere on Earth. My mom is going to put cigarettes out on me probably. But that's totally cool, it's fine! Let's go get our dresses for that father-daughter dance!"

Emma: "I just want to reiterate that our friend Char is a trainwreck about to happen. I grew up around dangerously unbalanced domestic situations."
Mads: "I just want to reiterate that we don't really care that much. Stop acting so out of character."


Police Computer: No teenage girls died in LA since last night. At least, none fitting that description.
Cop Brother: "Get off my computer! What are you, nutty? And why aren't you at work because of that long boring story about juvie?"
Ethan: "I quit. Just kidding."
Cop Brother: "We are some jovial chaps. Hey, were you looking up Sutton Mercer?"
Ethan: "No. Yes? I don't know."
Cop Brother: "Stay off my computer, and stay away from Sutton Mercer. That girl is the kind of mess that winds a person up in juvie. The kind that plays games. Lying Games."

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Lying Game




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