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Gun For A Tongue


Emma: "You guys, I don't feel like dancing. Would the world really end if I begged off?"
Laurel or Somebody: "Yeah, for some reason that's not allowed to happen."
Nisha: "Just say your knee is fucked up like you always do."
Emma: "Hey, is your dad a famous football player?"
Nisha: "Yeah, the fact that you know that is really out of character."
Emma: "I have an interest in you because we're actually friends. Frenemies."
Nisha: "That's so awes... Aha! Gotcha. I'm out of here. But yeah, we're kind of friends. Hate you! Bye!"

Adrian: "So how is Sutton? Still creeping around doing secret stuff and Lying Games?"
Dad: "She's been really awesome lately, actually."
Adrian: "I guess everybody keeps a few secrets."
Dad: "We just have that one. Where we either slept together or killed somebody or stole a baby or whatever."
Adrian: "Where's the little woman?"
Dad: "If I know my wife, she is staring at some shit like it killed her parents."


Mom: (Roams around the house picking things up, staring the shit out of them, and then putting them other places so the housekeeper doesn't think they are slobs. Finds Emma's secondary cell phone, which is plugged in even less often than that laptop was; stares at it for so long before answering you think probably it went to voicemail.)

Travis: "Hey, Emma! I can't wait to threaten you over the phone."
Mom: "This isn't Emma, it's Mom. Who are you?"
Travis: (Hangs up.)
Mom: "That was odd. I wonder if I know anybody named Emma, or why Sutton has phones all over her room. Sometimes on a show like this you're called upon to act without foreknowledge of where the story is headed. I find that it's helpful, as an actor, to stare at things on those occasions. Stare hard. It's like a Staring Game."

Not that I'm complaining, I could watch Helen Slater stare at shit for six hours a day, but it's funny to have such a dynamic actor in such a passive position where the most aggressive she gets is with her constant hugging. It makes her seem possibly even more haunted and troubled than Mrs. Mercer actually is, even. I cannot wait to dig into all the juicy secrets!

Which I realize sounds like something they would flash on the screen during a commercial for the show. As I was writing it I realized that. But it's also pretty true. I like this show a lot.

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Lying Game




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