Lying Game
Being Sutton

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Gun For A Tongue


Emma & Dad: Dance.
Laurel & Char: Are kind of nice to each other, because Sutton's finally letting them.
Ethan: Stares at Emma from the sidelines, still wearing his club uniform, and yet nobody notices his gape-mouthed appreciation except for Laurel, who is a regular Nancy Drew.
Char: Totally cuts in on Emma and Sutton's Dad, even though Laurel is fucking standing right there.

Char: "Desperation! Knows no quarter! I wish my dance instructor would touch my body! But your father will do!"
Emma: "Hey Laurel, sorry that Char totally cut in. She's sort of a total mess. But you're next! After me. And then Char. If people are still dancing."
Laurel: "Story of my motherfucking life."


Mads: "Dad, why don't you stop drinking?"
Adrian: "Dad why don't you shtop drinking? Fuck you. You shound like my sponsor. Who ish, ironically, Char'sh Mom. And hey, nishe tag on that dresh. I'm gueshing you shent the money to Thayer? I'm a regular Nanshy Drew."
Mads: "Thayer is living his dream in LA. He is a computer person. He was born to do computers. He was not born to be a lawyer like you."
Adrian: "Thoshe are jusht pipe dreamsh. PIPE DREAMSH!"


Mads: "Get me a cab. Now. My dad's short-strided, but he's whiskey-powered tonight."
Adrian: "Aaaaand another thing. I love you kidsh. I only want to control you becaushe I am the DA of thish town and I control everything! And I have shecretsh!"
Mads: "I feel like you try to control us with fear. And drunken rages."
Adrian: "How dare you shay that about me! I don't want fear, I want reshpect!"
Mads: "Um, why do you think Thayer left? He was tired of being afraid of you. As am I."
Emma: "I am offering a two-for-one sale on parent smackdowns, if I could just..."
Adrian: "Ohhhh no you don't, Shutton. You shtay out of thish. Or maybe you'd like to tell ush how you got Thayer to move out to old LA?"
Emma: "I don't know what you're..."
(He lunges, Ethan jumps in between them because of love or something, and they end up fisticuffing.)


Ethan: "Thank God that worked out. You'd think assaulting the District Attorney would have consequences, but luckily my corrupt brother is in league with Mads's corrupt dad, who is in league with your parents."
Emma: "That was awesome how you leapt to my defense. Here is a hug. Just from one twin to another twin's secret boyfriend."
Ethan: "I wouldn't take it too seriously. You'd know this if you were a real person, but I fly into rages pretty easily. It's how Leah Clearwater got that scar on her face. "
Emma: "No, that was the other one. But you know what, fuck this."

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Lying Game




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