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Previously: Sutton returned, totally alive (blast it!) and revealed that the twins' presumed biomom Annie Hobbs saved her from sudden death. At Emma's urging, Mads set up a date with British (possible?) bad boy Ryan Harwell, despite the fact that Sutton put a social fatwa out on him in ninth grade. Alec and Rebeccannie also got closer. Justin dropped a bombshell that Ted killed his mom (through negligence, but still...). And Kristin caught Sutton, whose head is busted to hell, at the club and took her in. Now not-injured Emma is out on the streets.

Sutton wakes up the next morning and is happy for about 10 seconds as she gloats being back amongst all her things. Kristin tries to keep the momentum up by suggesting chocolate banana pancakes, and the look of carb-disgust on Sutton's face is priceless. Only slightly more priceless than the look on her face when Kristin springs out Sutton's Rami-Kashou-ruched-to-hell-and-back white chiffon dress for the club's annual Black and White Ball. Exposition tells us that the ball is a celebration of the club's junior members to introduce them to club culture. Instead of appreciating a dress -- even if Emma picked it -- Sutton shits all over it, calling it too plain. Ted's response, "$300 worth of plain!" does nothing to sway her because that's Emma's idea of fancy, not Sutton's.

Kristin tries to distract her by pulling out the program, which lists Sutton's date as Ethan. A glint of mischief crosses Sutton's eye, which is only replaced when she spots Emma through the window and rushes to her bedroom to keep Ted and Kristin from seeing Emma. Long story short, Sutton doesn't give two rats that Emma got pushed out of the trailer because Dan came home early. She suggests Emma go back to the mall because "you seem to have that place on lock down." While Emma fondles the chiffon, Sutton basically tells her to beat it and figure out a place to stay on her own. She's having flashbacks from Emma winning Ethan's heart at homecoming and is feeling extra-vengeful. Credits.

Back in the Bedroom of Misfit Toys, Sutton takes it a step further and tells Emma to hitchhike to Vegas (okay, I added the hitchhiking part, but that approximates the sisterly tone Sutton has adopted at this point). She claims she's just being nice and keeping Emma safe, but really she's just being a grubby, greedy bitch as she relishes every moment of wallowing in her gazillion-thread-count sheets.

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Lying Game




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