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Emma doesn't have time to protest because Laurel knocks on Sutton's door. Emma escapes, and Laurel enters to ask what to do about Justin. Sutton's all, "Justin?" Laurel hilarious responds, "Hello, head wound -- my boyfriend!" She recaps the whole deal about Justin's ulterior motives in getting together with her, his dead mom and his vengeance mission against Ted. Sutton immediately jumps to red alert and tells Laurels that Justin is a crazy person who should be reported to Ted, Kristin and the authorities. Laurel is obviously averse to this plan and begs Sutton to keep it quiet until she figures out what to do about her residual feelings for Justin (and his possible real feelings for her).

That morning, Sutton has reported for her first day back at school in a fringe tank top and an electric blue mini-skirt. Subtle. Ryan interrupts Mads' gushfest over Sutton's outfit to ask how Mads feels about escargot for their pre-ballet date dinner. He says some sort of charmingly British something or other before walking away. Sutton adds another look of disgust to the pancakes and chiffon line-up, making it clear she does not support Mads stooping to date Ryan. Mads wonders why Sutton was all gung ho about the date the day before and is suddenly against it. Sutton tells her curtly, "A lot's changed since yesterday."

Elsewhere, Justin tries to smooth things over with Laurel, but she's hurt that he picked her over Sutton because she was obviously an easier mark. Before he can properly defend himself, the bell rings and she rushes off to class.

In the hallway, Sutton sees Ethan and tries to grab his hand to keep up the illusion they're in love. He is in no mood and calls her out for kicking Emma to the curb. Ethan tells her he's moving Emma into the family cabin. Sutton pulls out the program for the Black and White Ball, which Ethan spurns. He has no interest in attending that stuffy event with her. Sutton insists they need to keep up appearances and says it might be a chance for her to make it up to him for keeping him a secret all those months. Of course he doesn't care about that anymore. He's with Emma now, and she never cared about keeping him secret -- hence his name on the list. Sutton's window is officially closed. Nonetheless, she reminds him of the homicidal maniac on the loose who is watching to make sure that "Emma" is carrying on the charade. Meanwhile, though, wouldn't such an observant homicidal maniac notice that "Emma" suddenly developed a massive head laceration that looks just like one you would get in an attempted-murder-slash-car-crash? Just sayin'...

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Lying Game




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