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Kristin and Laurel return home. Kristin is on Team Ted and thinks Justin is a grifter, at best. Laurel hasn't forgiven Justin yet, but she doesn't think Ted should be let off that easy. Kristin insists that leaving L.A. and moving back to Phoenix after the botched surgery wasn't easy. She insists Ted would never intentionally hurt anyone. Unlike Justin. Back at the club, Ted has a heart-to-heart with Justin, who still wonders where Ted was that night. Ted dances around the question, saying it doesn't matter in the end. Justin realizes he's probably going to lose Laurel over this. (You think?) Ted says fatefully, for himself and for Justin, "A secret like this... who knows what will happen?"

Sutton makes a surprise appearance at the cabin with clothes she brought for Emma because they "look way better" on her. Because her body type is so different? Sutton's overly nice attitude and her claim that she doesn't want to lose Emma are suspect at best, but of course Emma laps up the empty promises she makes. Namely, pretending all the previous weeks' twinanigans hadn't occurred and suddenly "appearing" in Phoenix like a whole new different person. You could drive a semi through the holes in that plan, but Emma is so desperate to have a family (in fact, to reclaim the family she's had these past weeks), that she'll believe anything.

A while after Sutton leaves, Ethan returns to the cabin to find that Emma has put on her fancy clothes (at least fancy cabin clothes) as a little sartorial celebration of the latest development. She fully admits that Sutton could be defrauding her, but she hopes she's not. Ethan says he gets it, and with that the break-up plan is put on the backburner. Ethan promises Emma he will only make an appearance before heading straight back to the cabin to spend the night with her. Hubba hubba.

As Sutton primps for the ball, Laurel strolls in to be all, "So, I see your cruel, black soul is back." Sutton is shocked that everyone doesn't adore and worship her, and Laurel's, like, "You've been selfish, vindictive and mean your whole life, what did you expect?" She points out that she took the fall for Ethan about the laptop debacle of '10 solely because "Sutton" believed in him. Why couldn't she return the favor when it came to Justin? Sutton mutters to herself, "I don't know anything about sisters and suddenly she's the big expert." Laurel wonders who "she" is. Realizing she almost slipped, Sutton says she's talking about Laurel. Laurel accepts this, even though it makes no sense, because nothing makes sense in this world.

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Lying Game




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