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Previously: There was this guy named Derek, who hasn't been around in weeks, so I guess he'll be important again. Remember that time Laurel sang at a party? Yeah, I barely do either, but they show a flash of that right after Justin asks, "I'm going to lose Laurel, aren't I?" so that'll be important too. More obviously significant is the burgeoning relationship between Alec and Rebeccannie (who has an as-yet unclear connection to Annie Hobbs), Kristin's growing distrust for Ted and the twins' discovery that Annie may not be their biological mother... but she was Sutton's savior in the lake. Sutton's attacker? All Annie could get out was, "Snake!"

The morning after Annie's revelation, Sutton is primping for school like nothing happened. (Everyone raise a glass to the unnecessary bra shot of Alexandra Chando!) Emma calls over the computer and is gung ho about jumping back on the case to find their mother. Sutton is less concerned because she can't find her taupe blouse with gold polka dots. It's a lot harder to want to rock the boat when you're sleeping in 800-thread count sheets than, say, if you're in a decrepit old cabin that just screams The Strangers 2. Kristin walks in to deliver to some fresh towels, and Sutton is a real brat to her for not knocking. Kristin shrugs it off and assumes Sutton's video chatting with Ethan, who she claims left the ball because he felt sick. She tells him to feel better while Emma desperately wriggles out of webcam view. Emma wonders what "Feel better" means, and Sutton snots that she couldn't very well Kristin that Ethan left to "jump into bed with" Emma. Emma sheepishly admits she and Ethan haven't... you know... which Sutton should already realize because she barged in on the closest they ever got. But that gives Sutton way too much credit for not thinking everyone is out to betray her when, in fact, they're all bending over backward to accommodate her entitled nonsense. Sutton brusquely tells Emma bye and clicks out of the video chat before Emma can respond. She sees a picture of Ethan on her computer wallpaper, and issues a wistful-yet-annoyed look.

Sutton finishes dressing and heads out to the kitchen where she continues her reign of a-hole behavior by snapping at Laurel for borrowing the taupe top in question. Laurel says "Sutton" said she could borrow it and explains the extenuating circumstances -- she needs to look extra-cute now that she's single again. While Sutton's all, "Told you so" (which she didn't), Kristin compliments Laurel's maturity in deciding to move on from Justin. Sutton snarls, "Absolutely. Gold star for Laurel!" Even Ted has to restrain himself from telling her to stop being such a grubby bitch. Sutton leaves and Kristin wonders if Sutton is as stank as she thinks. Laurel explains that midterms are upon them, and it's only going to get worse.

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Lying Game




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