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Cabin. Ethan and Thayer are freaked out that Kristin nearly spotted Emma on the video chat. Emma says that Sutton's ornery behavior is what's going to blow their cover. As she says this, Sutton stomps in and is predictably snarky. Emma suggests they focus on searching for their mother, but Sutton claims she "doesn't want to get [her] heart broken again." Bullshit. Emma says that the stakes are higher than ever, and Ethan points out the recent spate of violence and intrigue in Phoenix is most definitely related to their search. Obviously there's some suspicious going on, so they can't stop now and basically be sitting ducks. Credits.

Rybak house. Mads hangs up her cell phone after a flirty conversation with Ryan. Alec worries that this boy is going to be a distraction from school and, ultimately, her future. She assures him things are fine. Then his phone rings. She snatches it up and sees Rebeccannie's name on the screen. She gives him a hard time about his new relationship just like he did hers. He tells her to go to school and answers. Rebeccannie is calling for advice about how to ace her interview for club membership. Alec gives her pointers and promises to call a friend of his who's the club president. She thanks him and flirts aggressively enough that he tells her to call the shots on the next step in their relationship. She invites him to dinner than Wednesday.

Back at the cabin, the gang is running down the clues from Annie Hobbs: Dark-haired guy, something about a snake. They decide to narrow down their search to Arroyo. The notion of enemies comes up, and Emma's all, "I don't have any... oh yeah, Sutton." Sutton acknowledges she's not everybody's favorite but says she doubts somebody actually wants to kill her. Thayer asks if anyone's been acting weird, and Emma notes that Derek has been avoiding her. She assumed it was Char-related. Sutton doubts perma-stoner Derek could figure out the twins' secret, but Emma points out his shady connection with Alec and Alec's even more shady connection to Annie. Thayer once again insists his father has nothing to do with any of this, which is just willful ignorance at this point. Because obviously Alec has something to do with this -- and they don't even know a fraction of it. Ethan tells Sutton it's time to head to school and leans over to give Emma a kiss that lingers a little too long. I understand that Sutton sucks big-time, but that was kind of a dick move, no?

School. Ryan tells Mads he scored two last-minute tickets to a show featuring her favorite band on Wednesday night. She tells him her chemistry midterm is Thursday and that her dad will definitely not approve pre-test distractions. That said, she's a teenager with a crush and an emo band to see, so nothing is going to stop her. After Sutton comes over and basically shoves Ryan off, Mads begs Sutton to cover for her and say they're studying together so she can go to the concert. Sutton is resistant, so Mads is all, "Seriously, why are you so weird around him? What happened between you two?" Sutton will do anything to avoid that question, so she agrees to the ruse.

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