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You Can't Handle the Ruth

Emma sees Ethan. She tries to excuse herself from Char to thank him for defending her the night before. Char greets this idea with disgust, warns "Sutton" not to let Ethan breathe on her because he might transmit "STPs." Emma heads over to tell Ethan she's smoothed things over with the Mercers, who want to have him over for dinner tonight. Ethan is not pleased and tells her to meet somewhere more private in five minutes.

Back in California, Thayer questions Sutton's motives in telling Ethan she loves him. He pegs it for jealousy, but Sutton claims their relationship is the stuff of roses and romance. Thayer switches topics to Sutton and Emma's birth mom Ruth Peterson. She just shut down the profile page through which Sutton contacted her, and Thayer thinks that could be a bad sign. As it were, he cross-referenced her friend list and got a lead on her job. Sutton hopes it's something appropriately L.A. glamorous. Alas, it's a library.

Back in Phoenix, Emma defends her decision to out Sutton and Ethan's relationship to the Mercers. She thinks it's a good thing, but Ethan considers the idea of family-boyfriend bonding preposterous. Emma also thinks Sutton would have preferred her parents to know that her boyfriend isn't a criminal. Ethan says that, no, that's not what Sutton wanted. Emma asks, "Well what do you want?" Ethan pushes that problematic question aside and makes Emma promise him to stifle Laurel from telling Sutton's friends and renege on the dinner invite. That's what Sutton, she of the boundless and unnecessary secrecy, would do.

That afternoon, Emma returns to the script and sets about convincing Laurel to keep her silence. Laurel demands that "Sutton" help her determine the identity of her park crush in return. Conveniencidentally, he just arrived and is staring blankly at a class schedule a couple yards behind them. Before Laurel can make her way over, Char, with Mads in tow, has pounced on him like a tiger on raw meat. After they chat for a little while, Mads graciously defers to Char's instacrush, which she thinks will take her mind off her ouster from dance class and her mom's ramped-up drinking. They start scheming and strutting down the hall, informing Laurel along the way that Char has staked her claim.

L.A. Sutton and Thayer spot Ruth at the library. Sutton... WOW those pants are green! Sorry, momentary distraction. Sutton walks up to Ruth and tries to confirm her identity. Ruth's immediate response is, "How did you find me?" When Sutton starts yammering about their eyes, Ruth says they can't talk there. She asks if she can go collect her purse so they can take a walk. Sutton says okay, but Thayer realizes a couple seconds too late that Ruth is making tracks. They run after her and Suttons shouts desperately, "Mom!" Ruth stops cold, then says uncomfortably, "I can't give you what you want." Sutton insists she wants nothing but to know a little about Ruth and share her and Emma's story with her. Ruth can't bear to hear it and stops her. She admits that she isn't Sutton and Emma's mother after all.

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