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You Can't Handle the Ruth

They move back inside and sit down, where Sutton asks why Ruth's name is on the birth certificates if she isn't the girls' mother. Ruth says a baby broker paid her in cash so their real birth mom could keep her identity secret. She never learned their mom's name or even the name of the broker. All she wanted was to make sure the girls ended up in better circumstances. Sutton informs her things didn't work out so well for Emma. Ruth can't believe it because she signed the papers sending Sutton to the Mercers and Emma to a Beverly Hills family called the Websters. Sutton doesn't understand how Emma was displaced to the Nevada foster care system.

Phoenix. Laurel rues that Char swiped Justin out from under her. Emma thinks Laurel should go for it, regardless of the "dibs" system that Sutton apparently invented. (You know, like how she invented the wheel and sliced bread?) Laurel knows Char will never accept her as a friend if she practices this would-be boyfriend thievery. "I've seen what you guys do to kids you don't like," she says. "Char would have no problem making my life miserable, and you'd probably help her do it." Emma thinks Sutton is beyond that, but Laurel remains unconvinced. Laurel heads inside where she sees Justin and gives him the cold shoulder. Unperturbed by her brush-off, he swipes her phone and inputs his phone number so she can invite him to her next "private concert."

That afternoon, Emma and Kristin meet up in the kitchen brimming with apologies. "Sutton" apologizes for sneaking a boy into her room. Kristin apologizes for making "Sutton" feel like she had to sneak around. She assures "Sutton" that there's no stigma on Ethan's past and says she's looking forward to meeting him properly at dinner. Emma's all, "About that..." She makes a flimsy excuse about writing a paper, and Kristin sees right through it. She won't take no for an answer.

She heads over to tell Ethan that he's still on the hook for Kristin's homemade tamale feast. She refuses to hurt Sutton's parents' feelings just to keep up a lie she doesn't understand. Ethan wonders why she cares about the Mercers since she's known them for about 35 minutes. Emma says Sutton's parents are the closest thing she's had to real parents in her whole life. Seeing the simultaneous sadness and hope in her eyes, Ethan agrees to join the Mercers for dinner. She leaps onto him in a grateful hug, then backs away shyly after she realizes that it's maybe-sorta inappropriate.

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