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You Can't Handle the Ruth

Elsewhere, Mr. Rybak interrupts Mads' ballet practice to be extra-creepy, as usual. Mads' studly ballet partner (from Step Up 3D) basically tells him to back off, and Mr. Rybak gets a call just at the right moment not to make him look like a wimp for doing so. Mads moonily thanks the beefcake ballerino for sticking up for her, and they go back to their mating dance.

Mercer home. Emma is on Skype with Sutton, who is all in a tizzy about her parents' lies re: Ruth Peterson. Emma jumps to defend the Mercers, but Sutton has gotten a whiff of potential secrecy and plans to ride this horse until it collapses underneath her. Emma thinks Ted and Kristin's past mistakes matter less than their character at present, but Sutton disagrees. Frankly, it's better that faultfinding wench refuses to leave California. At least it'll give Emma a chance at a comfortable life for once.

That night, Kristin presents her famous tamales to Ethan, who has ignored three calls from Dan. Laurel immediately goes into interrogation mode, asking him, "How was prison?" Ethan takes it on the chin even as the Mercers apologize for her impertinence. Ted asks how they met. After a little confusion, Ethan explains that he came to Sutton's rescue when she had a flat tire. Laurel calls bullshit since Sutton is clearly no damsel in distress. Ethan tweaks the story, saying he let Sutton attempt to replace her own tire before stepping in so she wouldn't destroy an expensive rim. After that, Ethan took Sutton on a motorcycle ride to check out the moon. Kristin remembers Sutton coming home raving about how the moon "had always been there but [she'd] never seen it" before. Just as Ted looks like he's about to fall in love with Ethan, the doorbell rings. Laurel answers it and shows Dan in to take Ethan home for a "family emergency." Kristin approves and Ted pretends not to, but is really conjuring up how he can initiate a May-December bromance with Ethan.

Sensing something is wrong, Emma runs outside to catch up with Dan and Ethan. She demands to know what's going on. Dan reluctantly tells her he found Sutton's laptop inside Ethan's Jeep. Emma insists it's impossible since she was with Ethan on the night of the break-in. Dan says it's irrelevant who actually did the breaking in if they found the laptop in Ethan's car. Ethan suggests it was planted -- which always goes over smoothly with cops -- and promises Emma he's innocent. Dan grabs Ethan by the arm and tells "Sutton" he won't be bothering her anymore.

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