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You Can't Handle the Ruth

A bit later, Ted consoles "Sutton" for falling prey to Ethan's trickery. Emma is forlorn that she was deceived by the one person she thought she could trust. Ted assures her that she can trust him and Kristin. He says things have been great since they returned from Paris, so "whatever you're doing, just keep doing it." You mean being an entirely different person, who's not a raging, hyper-suspicious, lying bitch? You got it, Tedster!

The next day in the high school quad, Char gives "Sutton" a hard time for daring to do schoolwork when she's got pool party seduction plotting to do in order to win Justin. Emma clicks closed her laptop so as not arouse Char's suspicion. In fact, she ends up doing just that when she asks Char why she's suddenly fixated on a total stranger. Char immediately assumes that "Sutton" wants Justin for herself and asks petulantly, "Can I have nothing for myself?!" Char peevishly excuses herself to hit up a sale at Bloomies, "which feels just as good as a boyfriend... not that I would know!" Mads apologizes for Char's behavior, and Emma claims she was just looking out for her friend's feelings. She looks over, spots Ethan, and projects her own heartache onto the situation, saying, "Guys... you think they're everything, and then they turn out to be nothing." Mads: "Yeah. Except when they're everything, right?" Emma leaves the table and walks brusquely past Ethan.

L.A. Sutton and Thayer pay a visit to the Websters in Beverly Hills. Randall Webster immediately invites her in and spills the whole story: He and his wife adopted a baby, only to be met by the birth mother's demands to take her child back. He considers it the great tragedy of his life. Like Ruth Peterson, he never got the woman's real name. He was left with no legal recourse since the adoption was not entirely above board. Sutton wonders if her parents were aware of the illegality of what they were doing. Webster thinks they must have. Webster's wife calls from inside the house, and he excuses himself before she can come out and find Sutton there.

Phoenix. Ted tells Rybak that Ethan was obtained for stealing Sutton's laptop. Rybak says it sounds like Ethan is going back to juvie, but Ted implies that Rybak might have the power to brush it under the rug. Rybak isn't game on the grounds that he will do whatever it takes to "protect" Sutton.

Emma enters her dark room, where Ethan is lying to scare the hell out of her figure out what to do next. Emma wants to wait until Sutton's back, but Ethan thinks Sutton is fishy. He's concerned that someone found out about Sutton's search for her birth mom and took the laptop to dig into her life and plant seeds of distrust between Sutton and Ethan. He inadvertently refers to Emma as Sutton, so she corrects him. He says, "You know what I mean." She admits that she doesn't. Nor does she know Ethan from the next stranger in Sutton's life, and he could be just as deceptive as they all say he is. He responds bitterly, "I guess I really don't know you either."

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Lying Game




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