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You Can't Handle the Ruth

The next day at school, Emma continues to encourage Laurel to give Justin a chance. As they reach the lunch table, Char is trying to find Mads a boy of her own from the high school populace. Mads says coyly that she has her "sights set elsewhere" and deflects the attention to Char. Char bemoans the lengths she has to go in order to get Justin in her clutches. Emma suggests she go the direct route and ask Justin out. If he's not interested, she'll be spared the time and effort. Char thinks that's way too scary, besides she doesn't have Justin's number. Sick of hearing Char's whining, Laurel texts Justin's number to Char and lies that she got it for her.

Just then, Sutton's name comes over the P.A. system. She heads into her English teacher's classroom to find Kristin there. It seems Sutton's least favorite teacher is questioning whether she could turn in a paper of the caliber that Emma turned in for her. Other than a hunch and the negative feedback of a few other teachers, though, he has nothing to go on. Emma insists it was her work, so Kristin goes to bat for her daughter and marches her out of there. Of course this makes Emma feel guilty for lying to someone with such faith in her.

Elsewhere, Dan and Ethan argue about the laptop. Ethan wants Dan to trust him and help him figure out who was really behind the theft. Alas, he has no leads, so Dan is stuck in a bind.

That night, Justin arrives at Char's pool party, and she practically sticks her ass in his face as she slobbers that he's welcome to "anything" he sees at her house. He uncomfortably excuses himself to go get a drink and asks if she wants anything. "Not from the bar, I don't." He makes his way over there and finds "Sutton." He asks if Laurel's coming, and Emma explains that whole "dibs" situation. Justin doesn't appreciate this objectifying code inasmuch as it's cockblocking him from being with Laurel. "I know I just met her," he says, "but have you ever had that feeling that you just want to be with someone, and you don't know why?" Emma says wistfully that she does. She takes a pen and takes Justin's hand and writes Laurel's number on his hand.

Meanwhile, Mads calls her dad to lie that she's spending the night with Char. In fact, she's gone to the dance studio to make her move on the ballerino.

Back in California, Sutton is thrown into doubt about her parents' apparent wrongdoing, not to mention her confusion why her birth mom chose to take back Emma instead of her. Thayer said something obviously went wrong, or else Emma wouldn't have ended up in foster care. Sutton feels worse about her life than she ever did before and asks Thayer if she can stay at his place for the night.

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