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You Can't Handle the Ruth

In Phoenix, Emma heads to Ethan's place to apologize for thinking the worst of him. She blurts out what Kristin said about trusting the people you love, then is all, "Not that I love you!" She acknowledges that she sounds crazy. Ethan says it's okay because Sutton was packing way more crazy than this without the benefit of kindness and honesty. He admits that he prefers Emma's approach. They both tell each other that they trust each other and then lean in slowly, desperate to kiss each other. At the last second, Ethan pulls away. He can't betray Sutton. He loves her. Emma says glumly, "I know. She's got dibs."

Thayer and Sutton return to his apartment to find the door ajar. They walk in cautiously, and Thayer immediately notices something isn't right. His laptop is still there, but it's warm.

At the Mercers, Kristin and Laurel bum around eating the biggest chocolate cake this side of Matilda. Kristin wonders why Laurel didn't go to Char's party. Laurel says she got tired of trying to be Sutton. Though she wouldn't mind a little of Sutton's magnetism with the boys. Kristin assures her, "Sooner or later, the right guy's going to come along. And when he does, you won't be able to keep him away." On cue, the doorbell rings. Kristin tells Laurel it's for her. Laurel heads over to find Justin at the door. It was their address that Emma gave him, not her phone number. Laurel doesn't try one bit to contain her smile at the sight of him. He invites her to go on a date and she accepts, waiting for but a second after he leaves to cup her face in her hands and squeal a little.

Upstairs, Emma looks through Sutton's computer at pictures from Paris, ones of Sutton and Ethan looking extra-spitefully-happy and in love. At the same time, Ethan looks at an ultra-fake moon from the very same place he took Sutton the day they met for real. And in L.A., Thayer reports that everything is still on his laptop, but whoever broke in certainly saw everything. Sutton paces around until she plops down on Thayer's bed. She bounces back up instantly and acknowledges the awkwardness of being on her BFF's brother's bed. He assures her it's nothing to worry about even though he clearly wouldn't mind if she had stayed down there a little longer.

A knock on the door interrupts their awkward posturing. Thayer opens it up to find Randall Webster, who says he found something that Sutton and Emma's birth mom left when she picked up Emma. Emma's fixation on Sutton and Ethan comes to a crashing end when Sutton Skypes her to reveal what Webster gave her: A picture of an infant Emma and their mother. As the twins communicate, the camera cuts outside where Rybak has apparently hopped on a plane and taken his Tour o' Creepiness on the road to California so he can leer on Sutton from the bushes.

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