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The Bitch Is Back

Her escape is foiled by Laurel. Emma blurts out, "I love you!" Laurel: "Okaaaaaay... awkward!" Emma continues in embarrassing earnestness, and Laurel continues to bring the snark. Laurel eventually suspects "Sutton" has ulterior motives, but Emma says, "Not this time." As she walks away, Laurel calls out, "Well... just in case you had any ideas, Sutton Mercer better be at her party tonight!" Emma: "She will... I guarantee it."

Meanwhile, Sutton arrives home with a devilish look in her face.

Back at the club, Emma finds Ethan to tell him she heard Kristin's words about trust, knew she'd react badly, and totally bailed. Ethan tells her she's running out of time, and Emma promises to follow through no matter what -- "Even if means coming face to face with Sutton." She adds desperately, "Maybe that's the key." Ethan is skeptical and basically tells Emma she's going to get her ass handed to her. He wants to help her, but she thinks this is a challenge she'd be better facing alone. She gets in the car and vows to find Sutton before Sutton finds her.

Police department. Char is acting as Derek's citizen advocate as Alec and Phyllis tell her pack it up already. Alec does let her know Derek is being released soon. Phyllis tries to convince Char to come home, but Char lashes out, telling her she's going to push her away like she did Annie. Phyllis is stunned, but she maintains she had nothing to do with Annie running away (or whatever they're calling it these days).

Elsewhere in the precinct, Alec checks in with Dan to see how the search for Annie is going. Dan doesn't think he has enough to go on, but Alec tells him to keep working on it. He draws the blinds and says menacingly, "In the meantime, there's something else I need..."

Sutton arrives at the Mercers' expecting her family to welcome her with open arms. Instead she finds an empty house. That said, it's far nicer than any of the places she's been staying in the last couple weeks, so she relishes the chance to walk around and rejoin her old life.

She makes her way into her bedroom just as her computer alerts her that Ethan is Skyping. She can't resist. She picks up and lets Ethan believe he's talking to Emma, though she greets him with a sassy little "Helloooo Ethan" that is 100% percent Sutton. Considering how quickly he realized Emma wasn't Sutton, you think he'd be a little sharper to pick up the cues (including but not limited to the fact that she has totally changed clothes -- and into a very noticeable floral top that's halfway to a muumuu). Then again, his head his clouded. He tells "Emma" he wants to stand beside her in what she's going through. "Emma" asks why, and he says, "Because I love you! I love you, Emma. I probably have from the moment I met you. I wanted to say it today at the country club. I've wanted to say it forever." Like a dagger through the heart! "Emma" asks, "And Sutton?" Ethan says he never loved her. Sutton stumbles, but Ethan assures "Emma" he knows that she loves him, too. "Emma" tells him they need to meet and suggests the cabin. They plan to rendezvous in an hour. Ethan says once more, "I love you, Emma." Sutton abruptly ends the call so he won't see her fight back the tears. Or perhaps "tears" is the right word. She pushes back her chair and sees the Homecoming photo of Emma and Ethan that's conveniently been framed and placed in a prominent position. She throws it to the ground and takes in the room with new eyes. Eyes that have the fire of a thousand suns in them -- not the love Ethan sees or the trust Kristin so admires... in Emma. No sirree. Just to fuck with her twinemesis, she leaves a note on the computer for Emma, telling her to meet Ethan at the cabin and signs it with love from him. The bitch is back.

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