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The Bitch Is Back

Back at the club, Laurel asks Ted what went down between Ted and Justin. Ted says in mock-self-congratulating tones that he was admirably restrained with Justin considering. Laurel tells him Justin's been acting weird and threatened not to come to Sutton's party. Ted hilariously takes on the affectation of a shocked teenage girl and is all, "He has to come! He's your boyfriend! He lives above the clubhouse! He has to come!" Amusement overwhelms Laurel's weak suspicion, and she gives Ted a hug. As they head back to the house to get ready, he eyes her bracelet once more.

Meanwhile, Sutton marches out of the house wearing the dress Kristin picked up for her birthday. If you thought the first episode's garbage bag couture was a mess, you have to get a load of this thing. There are stripes, appliqu├ęs, draping, a giant bow... everything. It's the Animal Style of dresses. We're talking Santino Rice-level overdesigned. She runs into Kristin at the door, and Kristin immediately starts fawning over how gorgeous and perfect she looks. Sutton recoils and acts cagey, dismissive. You know, like Sutton. Kristin is taken aback, so Sutton gives her a perfunctory thanks and has to correct herself when she calls Kristin "mother" instead of "mom." She excuses herself before she can do any more damage and carries on with her bloodlustalicious mission.

Over at the Rybak house, Mads shows off her party dress for Alec and Thayer. It's even more horrendous than Sutton's. It's like the mutant offspring of an ice skating costume, something Lita Ford wore back in the '80s, and a rabid animal that vomits chiffon. Where do they find these things? Alec tells her, "They are gonna be lining up!" Mads says awkwardly she's not quite ready for that, and Alec's, like, "Oh yeah... I nearly forgot how I almost killed your boyfriend. Ah..." Weirdness! He tells his kids to head to the party in their own car because he has to pick up some nebulous (and, I might wager, nefarious) surprise gift for Sutton. He throws Thayer the keys to one of his fancy cars and makes some off-handed digs about Thayer's clunker back in L.A. As you might recall, Alec supposedly hasn't seen Thayer since he left for L.A. This is not lost on Thayer.

Emma sneaks into Sutton's room and finds the broken picture and the fake note from Ethan in quick succession.

A little later, night has fallen as Ethan finds "Emma" in the cabin. He offers to escort her to the party to face everyone together. She pulls him in for a passionate kiss, whispering hungrily, "I want you." He pulls away, realizing he hasn't met Emma here at all. Sutton pulls him back in, and he doesn't have time to react before Emma arrives. Ethan jerks back with tousled hair and a guilty look on his face. Sutton smiles at Emma diabolically.

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Lying Game




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