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The Bitch Is Back

Meanwhile, Sutton's car sinks more slowly than the van plunged from the bridge in Inception.

Back at the party, Thayer approaches Alec and quickly asks how long he was in L.A. spying. Alec wiggles his way out by lying he was snooping on Mads' phone, saw a picture of a crappy car, and assumed it was Thayer's. Point, deflection. He wonders if there's something Thayer's keeping from him. With a hint of accusation, that's a one-two punch. Thayer apologizes and says, "I guess I just keep listening to the wrong people."

Ted calls for everyone's attention and begins a round of singing "Happy Birthday" as the ginormo-cake is wheeled out. Emma feels especially awkward as everyone sings "dear Sutton," but still blows out the dinner table-sized candles (it's that big). Laurel calls for a speech, and this is Emma's chance. She begins in a similar fashion as her Homecoming Queen acceptance speech, saying she has gotten all she ever wanted. "Now it's time," she continues, "to tell you what I could never tell you before." Just as she's about to reveal her true identity to everybody, she looks into the distance and see's a silhouette through a curtain of beads. The second she's spotted, the shadow flees. Emma back out and declares her love for the whole party as she gets her millionth "What a weirdo" look of the day from those around her. She abruptly runs out to find what she presumes it Sutton. Of course it was not Sutton, and just after Kristin walks outside to check on "Sutton" does Annie emerge from the shadows.

Meanwhile, Sutton regains consciousness as the water reaches her head. She begins to scream, but the sound is muffled. By water? By the stranger in the back of the car? Or both?

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