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Mental Hell Day
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Previously: The Sutton-Ethan-Emma love triangle became a love quadrangle (and also possibly incestuous?) no thanks to Thayer. Justin may or may not be tramping around the States with a pillowcase tied to the end of a stick. Mads' illicit bf Eduardo was in a crash after hearing Alec talk about paying off the mental ward where he's locked up Sutton and Emma's birth mother. And, just for good measure, Ethan punched a bitch (Thayer, happily).

We rejoin Sutton, who's been detained overnight at the hospital where Alec is paying to keep Annie. She self-righteously tells Dr. Hughes to call her parents to get her out of there. Only problem, Sut? Your parents think you're in Phoenix with them. Remember that whole "Didn't tell Ted and Kristin about your long-lost identical twin before skipping town" thing? That said, I'm pretty sure there's no way someone can be held overnight in a psych ward just because she was caught trespassing, right? That's a serious human rights violation. Which makes it all the more delicious for this kind of show, I suppose.

Back in Phoenix, Emma, Thayer with his wounded head, and an open-mouthed sleeping Char are still at the hospital waiting for the news on Eduardo. Ethan shows up, so Emma takes him aside to tell him to sort out whatever bullshit he's got left over with her. Thayer interrupts their conversation to try to be all manly man. Ethan's gut instinct response is, "Dude, you are such a loser." Which, true. He slaps Thayer up for always coming in second, and Thayer snaps back that neither of them is ever going to get over Sutton. Emma's all, "I'm right here, guys!" And in the meanwhile, Char and Mads walk up to overhear the most inconvenient part of the conversation. Mads blames Thayer's escape to L.A. on Sutton and tells her she's a shitty friend. Which, also true.

Meanwhile, Justin gives Laurel a lesson in Squatting 101.

Back at the hospital, Dan Whitehorse shows the police report from Eduardo's accident to Alec and tells him it was a single-car incident with witnesses. Alec says, "That's too bad," to which Dan shoots back a skeptical, "Is it?" All the while, Ethan is eavesdropping on this exchange. Down the hall, Eduardo wakes up to find Mads by his side. He croaks for her to get him a glass of water, so she leaves. Emma walks in behind her, and Eduardo gasps, "It's you... Alec... paid me..." Emma is understandably curious, but just the thought of whatever shady dealings he was involved with sends Eduardo into an arrhythmia. This does not help with Mads' growing distrust of "Sutton," and she tells her (former?) friend to leave.

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