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Elsewhere, Alec stops at the Chinese restaurant to pick up take-out for his sour-faced kids. While he heads inside, Mads questions Thayer about his motives for returning home. He insists there's nothing for him in L.A. and promises to stay in Phoenix for as long as Mads needs him.

Over at the Mercer house, Ethan follows Emma into Sutton's room, joking that it feels nice to have walked into the house through the front door for once. Though, he says, "I'm not sure how much longer I'll be allowed to do that." She says tersely, "Welcome to my world." He wonders why she didn't say goodbye to him at the door. She admits she doesn't know. She says she wants to believe that their relationship exists beyond his and Sutton's. He tells her it does, that they have something more real than he and Sutton ever had. As he showers her with all sorts of romantic clich├ęs (the kind every girl wants to hear a million times over), they step closer and closer to one another as if pulled by magnets. Just as they are about to kiss and perhaps give Emma her "the one" moment, Laurel barges in as she is wont to do. Emma says it's no big deal, Ethan was just leaving.

Ethan leaves, snarking at Laurel, "Good times." She replies wryly, "Always." As soon as he's out of earshot, Laurel notes that "Sutton" still hasn't figured out a way for Ethan to be able to spend the night. "Sutton" says she wouldn't with Ted and Kristin down the hall. Laurel says having a boyfriend who lives alone in an abandoned house has its perks. "Sutton" is intrigued that Laurel is seriously contemplating taking this step. Laurel asks her for the straight talk about what it's like to lose one's virginity. Not actually having her own experience to draw from, Emma speaks in abstracts and urges Laurel to consider her decision carefully so she doesn't get hurt. Laurel takes that into consideration, then snarks, "Can't say that I thought this is how I thought it would go, but I'm kind of loving it in a Gilmore Girls kind of way." She adds, "You'd have to be Lorelai because I'm so obviously Rory." Indeed, Laurel. Indeed.

As they talk, the phone rings. Laurel answers to hear Dr. Hughes on the other line asking if Sutton Mercer is at home in Phoenix. Laurel passes the phone to "Sutton," who is for, like, the one time ever not a complete failure at keeping up her end of the bargain. Satisfied, Dr. Hughes hangs up the phone without even explaining herself to "Sutton." I sincerely hope that's not how she conducts all her experiments because that is some lazy-ass research. That said, when she heads into Sutton's room to confront her, Sutton's explanation sounds all sorts of crazy -- mainly because it is. She gets all riled up, edging nearer and nearer to Dr. Hughes asking about fingerprints and DNA tests, none of which would be very helpful since Sutton and Emma are identical twins (not to mention that the loony bin doesn't exactly have Emma's prints handy). Long story short, a couple of orderlies walk in with a syringe just achin' to be jabbed into Sutton's arm. Fearing the ramifications of being a dopey-eyed, McMurphy'd up mess, Sutton lies that she is Emma Becker after all. Hughes and her orderlies leave, and Sutton weeps into her hands.

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