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Mental Hell Day

The next morning, Emma wakes up to find Thayer looming over her. He says he's used to walking in whenever he pleases, and she has to remind him, "You realize we just met, right?" He tells her he hacked into Alec's computer, but the only weird thing he found were a bunch of calls between Alec and laptop thief Derek. He wants to ask Char about her new boyfriend, but Emma is afraid it will arouse suspicion and accelerate the discovery that she's not Sutton. Thayer thinks it might be time to come clean. Emma isn't ready to lose her new life and thinks she needs to talk to Eduardo first. Thayer reminds her they've been locked out, and a key code has been put on Eduardo's door. She tells him to hack that, too. At that moment, Ethan appears in her window and eyes Thayer suspiciously. Thayer explains they're just having a strategy session, then excuses himself to talk to Char. Ethan's expression belies his annoyance with Thayer, and Emma not-so-secretly delights that he's jealous of her involvement with another boy.

A bit later, Thayer arrives at Char's house and probes her about her relationship with Derek and why Alec might be calling him. Char basically brags that Derek is a piece of ass, and Thayer endears her to him by flirting with her a little. God bless Char, she's just so desperate. All in all, nothing is accomplished.

Mental ward. Sutton sits down with her hospital lunch and scopes out the wackadoos sitting all around her. Dr. Hughes stops by to ask "Emma" if she's feeling better and is ready to go home (wherever that is). "Emma" tells her that she's tired and confused and might need another night. Instead of remembering how she was warned to keep Sutton/Emma/whoever away from Annie and noticing the obvious red flags in "Emma's" change in behavior, Dr. Hughes is all, "You got it, girl. Let's do face masks!" She walks off, and one of the orderlies swaggers over to say that "Emma" seems fine to him. She asks coquettishly, "Who do I have to be nice to around here to get out of my room more than twice a day." He sleazes, "Just how nice were you thinking?"

Mercer house. Emma has called Thayer back to decrypt Ted's computer so they can break into Eduardo's room. It takes approximately five seconds, and Emma notes how good he is at this stuff. Thayer smugs, "Well how do you think Sutton found you in the first place?" Laurel skips in to steal wine for her romantic rendezvous with Justin that night. She's got scented candles, a perfectly calibrated playlist and condoms. All the bases are covered. Emma's all, "So... should we, like, hug or...?" Laurel acknowledges that that would be weird and goes on her merry way.

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