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Never Say Never

Emma sneaks her way into the walk-in closet and tries to find the least conspicuous, least valuable jewelry to steal for Travis. Laurel happens upon this scene and, as usual, is too up her own ass to think anything of it. I swear the only reason Sutton and Emma are getting away with this charade is because everyone else in the entire universe of the show is o-to-the-blivious. Laurel revels in the fact that Ted and Kristin believed her BS about Justin's chivalry and is all, "You know it's stupid to wait. Look at you and Ethan. When you have something so great, why would you wait?" This gives Emma pause.

Rybak house. Alec wants to take the kids out to play tennis, but neither is having it. Thayer actively leaves the room when Alec enters, and Mads maintains an air of distance behind her iPad. Alec tells her he's sorry about what's happened with Eduardo and says he wants to be a better parent to her. Mads asks what he knows about Sutton's adoption. Alec tells her the last few months have been rough and lies that he's mainly been a shoulder for Ted to cry on.

Char's house. "Sutton" is collecting costume jewelry from Char and promising to pay her back fully. Char wonders why "Sutton" would need all this jewelry in such a hurry. "Sutton" assures her, "Charity! You know how I love charity!" And if that wasn't enough to make Char ask, "Who are you, and what have you done with Sutton?" nothing will be. Again, oblivious.

Juvie. Sutton's case worker greets her with equal parts mockery and hostility at her request for a hypoallergenic pillow. He gets down to brass tacks: She's got a long rap sheet of charges against her, including truancy, assault and identity fraud. Sutton falls back on the "I switched places with my identical twin" story. You know, because it worked so well last time. The case worker tells her to suck it up or she'll be stuck in juvie for an extended vacation.

That night at the Mercers', Emma delivers the goods to Travis. She tells him to wait until Vegas to hit up the pawn shops so as not to raise suspicion, but he thinks they could make a real go of being a criminal duo here in Phoenix. She shuts him down, but that doesn't stop him from forcing his lips on hers to "seal the deal." Of course Ethan walks up to the Mercer house right in time to see everything and misread it.

The next morning, Emma finds Ethan at Arroyo. She's chipper as ever because she's finally free of the burden of Travis. Ethan, on the other hand, is aloof and annoyed. She's mystified by his distant demeanor, but of course he doesn't explain his issues with her. Because that would mean he couldn't sulk and be a little bitch about it.

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