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Never Say Never

Over in Sedona, Ted and Kristin are having a grand time. That is, until one of Ted's former associates shows up, drink in hand, and crams him foot in his mouth by mentioning some "insane weekend in Santa Barbara" 20 years ago and calling Kristin "Annie." Ted insists he doesn't know what the blowhard is talking about, nor has he ever been to Santa Barbara... Uh huh.

Back in Phoenix, Ethan helps Emma clean up after the others. She wonders why he's so distant, and he says that's what she wanted. She insists she didn't and tells him that she was dealing with something big, but it's over. "Secrets were always Sutton's thing," he tells her. "I just thought you were different." She insists she's not like that and considers coming cleaning about a million times in countless tiny pauses before telling him she wants to be together now -- while they can. Ethan: "So you've told me everything?" Before she can consider confessing again, Char calls them in to play Never Have I Ever. Char makes a big announcement that she's drinking cranberry juice and soda because "alcohol makes me loud and stupid." Derek asks, "Isn't that the whole point of the game?" Well it will be for Emma! Getting drunk and keeping a Pandora's Box of secrets always make for such a good mix, right?

Sedona. Kristin is still miffed about the mistaken identity situation in the lobby, and Ted is still proclaiming his innocence. She thinks it's an odd coincidence that the guy called her Annie in light of recent events. He falls back on the fact that the guy was drunk. Kristin goes into the bathroom and shuts the door.

Back in Phoenix, the game is on in earnest. Considering they're playing a drinking game with Pinot noir, I'm mostly amazed that there hasn't been some sort of sob-inducing spill on a white carpet. Isn't that, like, a rite of passage for all teenagers? Or at least a red wine stain on a white suede skirt suit? The questions are fairly tame, from shoplifting to kissing a girl (score one for Mads), then Mads makes it pretty uncomfortable by saying, "Never have I ever gone all the way with someone that I truly love." Justin and Laurel cheers to that, and Emma stares down Ethan, who abstains from drinking. Ethan decides to take things up a notch by setting a trap for Emma: "Never have I ever kissed someone in the last 24 hours." So she won't be lying, she plants one on him right then and there before taking a big swig of her Pinot. Ethan tries to excuse himself, which sets off a domino effect of all the kids leaving. Emma begs him to stay with her.

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