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Never Say Never

Speaking of whom, Dr. Hughes and an orderly visit Annie's room to dole out her meds. Though it looks like Annie is spending her day in bed (do they even let people in psych wards do that?), when they lift back the duvet, Annie has pulled the old human-shaped pillow trick. Loony on the loose!

Over at Ethan's trailer, Travis threatens to expose Emma to the cops, so Ethan reminds him, "Remember how you're a thieving, extorting attempted rapist?" Travis snarks, "You a legal expert?" Ethan says matter-of-factly, "No. I'm an eye witness, douche." Thayer appears to confirm that Sutton is in the clink after a short stay in the psych ward. He adds that bail was posted within the last few hours. While Emma puzzles out this mystery, Ethan tells Travis in no uncertain terms to get out of Phoenix and stay out. As he does this, Thayer stands behind him all, "Yeah, what?!" It's kind of hilarious.

Vegas. As Sutton collects her belongings on the way out of juvie, she asks who bailed her out. The guard is no help. Sutton's phone vibrates, and she sees it's Emma. Decline. As she heads outside, Alec is waiting at a safe distance across the parking lot. Just as he's about to make his move, a grumbling old heap of metal pulls up. Emma's best friend Lexie practically grabs Sutton to pull her into the car. While she talks a mile a minute, Sutton sits there gobsmacked. Since her alternative is "stand in a Las Vegas detention center parking lot," Sutton decides to go with it. Alec watches as she and Lexie drive off, leaving a trail of exhaust swirling behind them.

Next week: Ethan promises to run away with Emma. Justin knows that not all is right with Ted, and Kristin makes a potential explosive confession.

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