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Fraternal Twins
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Previously: Ethan and Sutton went on the lam. Laurel continued her secret romance with Justin, though she was also making new friends (specifically a cute guitarist named Baz). Alec let himself fall into Rebeccannie's clutches. Emma got so tired of taking crap for Sutton's bitchery that she blurted out to Mads, "I'm not Sutton Mercer! I'm Emma Becker, her twin sister!"

We rejoin Emma, Mads, and now Thayer later that night. Mads admits that this farce is insane, but is still willing to believe it. That seems a little too easy-peasy for me, but her brother is vouching, so I guess we've got to get a little more expedient since there are only three episodes left in the season after tonight. Emma is wildly relieved to have this off her chest and Mads is mostly, like, "Wow, you're not a huge bitch! Amazing!" Unlike Sutton, who -- it's quickly established -- was the one who hit on Ryan and slept with Thayer and generally did everything to destroy the lives of everyone around her when given the chance. Speaking of which, Emma tells Mads that Sutton is off running amok with Ethan at that very moment. Emma insists she trusts Ethan, but Mads says forebodingly, "I'm just wondering if you can trust Sutton."

Whitehorse ranch. Ethan and his dad still hate each other, and Ben Whitehorse has still given them a week to vacate the reservation. Despite this mutual dislike, Ethan shares that he doesn't trust Sutton. Ben tells him, "Trust her or not, be sure to bring her an extra blanket" because it's going to be a cold night. This is basically a clunky excuse for Ethan to walk in on Sutton in her towel. She invites him to sleep in the bedroom that night, and then assures him she'll take the couch. He thanks her for understanding about his mom earlier, but says he wants to keep the couch. Sutton may not have won this battle, but she looks back in the mirror after he leaves like she damn well plans on winning the war. Credits.

The next morning, Alec calls Dan to make sure he knows who's boss. Dan impertinently wonders when their little indentured relationship is going to end. Alec does not answer, save to say, "Find your brother, then we'll talk."

Back on the res, Sutton spots Ben getting his flirt on with a woman named Angie. Ethan thinks Ben isn't interested, but Sutton notes she is putting out some serious body language. They have a really cute moment where they bond over imitating Ethan's dad and Angie. Ethan smiles for maybe the third time all season and I'm reminded how handsome Blair Redford is. So is Sutton because she gets her "teehee" on for sure.

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