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Fraternal Twins

Back in Phoenix, Mads and "Sutton" have gone to see Dan at the police station. He is skeptical that "Sutton" can offer any help to the investigation, though he does admit that he believes Ethan is innocent and warns her that Alec is breathing down his throat. He plods off, and Mads continues to pick up clues as to how complicated and dangerous this whole scenario has become, not least of which because their father may be a sociopathic murder. Emma lights on the idea to check out a lead that Dan just mentioned and follow up with a college kid Derek was arrested with before he got entangled with Alec. Thayer heads off to check it out.

Elsewhere, Laurel and Justin are having another secret coffee shop rendezvous. She's in the midst of writing a song, and he tries to be all cutesy, asking, "Anything about me?" She is in full concentration mode and doesn't want to show him anything until she's done. He can't help himself, but pointedly mentions Baz among all this. She is processing his underlying jealousy in uncomfortable silence when she spots Rebeccannie out the window and goes into duck-and-cover mode. Justin scurries out just as Rebeccannie enters, excited to tell Laurel that one of her producer buddies is coming to town and is willing to produce a demo for Laurel and the band. She adds, "And you can even bring that cute boy you were talking to -- Justin, right?" Laurel asks Rebeccannie not to say anything to her parents, and suddenly Rebeccannie is, like, lonely-biddy-with-13-cats-level excited about this "secret relationship." She sits down and invites Laurel to tell her all about it. Laurel's all, "Ummmm..."

Reservation. The Whitehorse men, Sutton and Angie are finishing an increasingly awkward dinner. Sutton decides to drive headfirst into the problem, suggesting they all participate in an "icebreaker." She asks everyone to name the famous person (dead or alive) they'd like to be. After no one jumps in on this "fun" little parlor game, she announces her answer: Coco Chanel. Ethan follows with Johnny Cash, and Angie offers up Joan of Arc because bitches with swords and horses are hot. All eyes turn to Ben, who gruffly refuses to take part in this hootenanny. He actually stands up and leaves. What an A-hole. Sutton quips, "If he had stayed, I think he would have said Clint Eastwood." Ethan can't help but laugh and Sutton notes, just as I did, what a rarity it is to see a smile from Ethan. He gives her another one and asks, "Oh yeah? You keepin' count?" She flirts, "Yeah. Looks good on you."

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Lying Game




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