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Fraternal Twins

Mercer house. Laurel is buzzing with the news about Rebeccannie's producer friend. Kristin is excited, but Ted worries about her grades. Kristin immediately senses that there's more underneath the surface of his objection and pointedly says, "It's an incredible opportunity no matter who arranged it."

Ryback house. Rebeccannie is getting Alec sloppy-sex-ready on martinis and telling him about her plans for Laurel. Alec is wary of her getting close to the Mercers. She says she wished somebody had given her a break when she needed one. Alec: "You mean besides me?" Rebeccannie: "This is different." Alec: "Tell me about it." Then they stare at each other, all moody-like. I feel like that was the conversational equivalent of a Nicholas Winding Refn film -- all style, no substance. Add this music over it, and you're in business.

Back at the Mercers, Emma sends a text to someone (who's not identified) to meet up after dinner. Laurel struts in, still on a cloud for her news and asks whether Emma has heard from Ethan. Emma admits she hasn't and says she incredibly worried about him, and then asks Laurel to distract her. Laurel mentions the song and her hesitation to show it to Justin because "it's not exactly a love song." She's still hung up on Justin's motives for dating her but doesn't know how to confront him about the lack of trust between them. Emma is, of course, hyped up on honesty right now and preaching the gospel of truth. Laurel: "I would have bet money you'd say, 'Lie to him.'" She skips out of the room, and Emma says to herself, "Not anymore."

Reservation. Sutton finds Ethan in the barn and encourages him to talk to his dad. He wonders where this sudden move toward openness and honesty has come from. She admits she wishes he had told him everything about Emma instead of shutting him out and leaving him behind. He admits things indeed might have been different if she'd let him in. She tells him the same possibility still exists with his father.

Country club. Emma joins Thayer and Mads as they research the college kid who was buying drugs from Derek. His name's Gavin Turner, and he is president of a frat. Conveniencidentally, no charges were ever filed against him for drug purchase or possession. And who just happens to be a devoted alum of Gavin's fraternity? Cut to hilarious beefcake, football jock picture of Alec in his frat sweatshirt. He looks like Fat Schmidt! Emma thinks they should go shake down immediately, but Mads is exactly where Thayer was a few weeks ago -- unwilling to believe their dad could be up to anything sinister. Thayer eases her through it, saying they've found a lot of connections, and Emma tells her they're not accusing, just wondering. Mads thinks they should take their questions directly to Alec. Thayer thinks he would never look at the same way again if they were forthcoming about everything they've tied him to. Thayer insists he just wants to collect evidence that exonerates their father. The first place to do that is at the frat party tomorrow night. Thayer's all, "How can we get in???" Mads: "Hello! I have boobs." Emma: "Oh yeah! Me too! Ethan's been gone so long, I almost forgot!"

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Lying Game




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