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Fraternal Twins

Frat house. Emma tells Mads and Thayer they need to figure out the connection between Gavin and Alec quickly, and then get out ASAP. Gavin just happens to be outside the party, and Emma is visibly nervous. Despite Mads' "come hither" smile, Gavin tells them he doesn't know any of them, and the party is invitation-only. He calls them out for being in high school, but Mads is on top of it. She assures him she's 18 and accepts his invitation to dance (translate: drink a roofie colada) if her friends can stay. Gavin tells her they can on the condition Emma smiles real pretty. Ugh, he's sleazy like that "photographer" who swindled Coco in Fame. Mads heads inside with the d-bag while Thayer and Emma scope out the place. Emma quickly recognizes a guy from Derek's funeral and suspects he might have some information.

Recording studio. Justin apologizes for not being careful enough, but Laurel can't take it anymore. Despite being the person who has been pushing for the sneaking and traipsing around, Laurel has become overwhelmed. She admits she doesn't trust Justin anymore and says they need to break up. He tells her he loves her, but it's too late. She walks away, and thus endeth perhaps the stiffest scene of the entire season of Lying Game. Well, actually, that almost-kiss with Baz a few minutes ago was a pretty strong contender.

Back at the res, it's back to the barn because this show could only afford another three sets. Sutton catches up to Ethan to tell him he missed "tamale night" and chummily tell him she saved some. He doesn't mince words, telling her thank for helping mend his relationship with his father, but back off. Sutton accuses him of being dramatic about their "moment" and admits she got carried away. He tells her, "I was right there next to you," and brushes past her out the door.

Inside, Ethan finds Ben hanging up from a phone call with Dan. Ethan gets all squirrely that Ben told Dan than Sutton was also at the res, but Ben says she never came up. He can't imagine why Dan wouldn't like Sutton, and Ethan tells him he doesn't know the whole story.

Frat party. Emma sneaks up on the nameless frat boy and basically interrogates him to the tune of some cut-rate rap song (in my head it's "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy for about a million reasons). The guy plays dumb, but Emma gives him distinctly Sutton-like laser eyes. He cops that he's not able to talk to her here or now, so she gives up and heads back to Thayer. They spot that Gavin is moving in on Mads like a shark with a missile strapped on its back, and they cockblock him by shooting him a rapid fire line of questions about Derek. Gavin insists he wasn't involved, and Thayer asks, "What about someone else in this house?" Just then, Emma sees the nameless frathead making for the door. Gavin tells them to leave, and Emma quickly agrees so she and the others can shadow the other guy.

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