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Fraternal Twins

Back in Sutton's room, Emma and Thayer are going back in forth about Alec as they realize they have found themselves on different sides of the battle field. Emma insists, "We both just want the truth." She doesn't add, "And clearly the truth is that your dad is a homicidal jackhole." Instead, she admits that talking to Ethan only made her more frustrated. She sits down in front of Thayer, venting about how weird Ethan acted and wondering suspiciously where Sutton was. He grabs her hand and tells her he'll be there for her no matter what. Instead of lunging in like her slutty twin sister, she tells him, "You're a really good friend."

Cut to the kicking open of doors at the Whitehorse ranch. The cops immediately spot Ethan (who is shirtless, ha-cha!) and tell him to drop to his knees. He confirms his identity but lies that he is the only one in the house. Because these are utterly incompetent cops who take a suspect murderer at his word, they lead Ethan out the door in cuffs as Sutton watches from elsewhere in the house.

Next week: Ethan returns to Phoenix, and something tells me it's not going to be the joyful reunion Emma hoped for.

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Lying Game




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