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Previously: Laurel gave Justin his walking papers. Alec unwittingly left loose ends at the crime scene of Derek's murder. Kristin read Ted the riot act, and he in turn read it to Rebecca. Sutton moved in on Ethan just minutes before he was served with an arrest warrant.

Phoenix. Emma and Dan look on as Ethan takes his perp walk. Emma promises to get him out of jail and tells him she loves him. He stays completely silent. Elsewhere, Rebeccannie watches the news unfold on TV. Credits.

Inside the station, after Ethan gets his mug shot taken, Dan demands two minutes with him since he's Ethan's guardian. He tells Ethan to keep his head down and watch his temper. He asks how "Sutton" is doing. Dan says she's been "a rock." Outside, Alec talks to the media and promises to throw the book at Derek. Because of his relationship to Derek (which is apparently suddenly public knowledge?), he promises to recuse himself but insists his office "will not rest until justice is served." Also, Ethan will be remanded without bail -- not like anyone would step up to pay it for him anyway.

Arroyo HS. Emma is self-conscious that everyone is watching her. Laurel tells her to prepare herself for Ted and Kristin's hawk eyes, too. They split up and head inside, where Baz finds Laurel and checks on her. He wants to help her "clear [her] head" from her break-up. She thinks she should keep to herself for a bit, but Baz says he has really good news -- the people at Coachella got their demo and want them to play at the festival. Laurel freaks out but immediately realizes there's no way her parents would let her gallivant off to Palm Springs unsupervised under current circumstances. Back outside, Emma confides in Mads that she worries about how Ethan's time with Sutton affected his feelings toward Emma. She must admit, though, "It's her life. I'm not surprised she wants it back."

Speak of the devil, Sutton is just chilling on Whitehorse Ranch, eating an apple, while Thayer -- who has driven over on short notice to pick her up -- shoots the bull with Ben. Ben is as gruff with Thayer as he is with everyone else in the world. He thinks Ethan should have stayed in Arroyo and fought his battle. Thayer says there were extenuating circumstances, but Ben thinks only guilty cowards run. He off-handedly refers to Sutton as Ethan's girlfriend, Thayer insists they're not together. Ben gets a wry smile on his face and calls Thayer naive. Thayer takes this new semi-information in, and Ben tells them to hit the road. As she walks out the door, Sutton turns around and doubles back to give Ben a hug. He actually embraces her and tells her that both of them are welcome back at the reservation when he gets through the trial.

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