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Meanwhile, Rebeccannie and Alec are having a romantic dinner -- or more accurately, a dinner where there are candles and endless droning from Alec about launching his political career on Ethan's case. Rebeccannie wonders if he has any concerns that Ethan might be innocent. Alec insists Ethan has always been a bad egg. Just as Rebeccannie is insists that a bad egg does not a murderer a-make, the waiter stops by their table to deliver her an envelope. Inside, a note: "Don't trust your date." She shows it to Alec, who laughs it off as an amateurish attempt at intimidation. Rebeccannie is freaked out, asking if it might have something to do with Derek's murder. Alec asks what she's insinuating. Rebeccannie backs off a little, and Alec mentions they've both been drinking. He says they should get the check, pointedly adding, "That way, neither of us will something we'll regret later." Cue foreboding gaze.

Twin talk at the cabin! Emma tells Sutton how strained things are between all the Mercers, but especially Ted and Kristin. Sutton makes it all about her, insisting that Emma's just trying to scare her off from taking her life back. Emma welcomes her to walk back into the landmine that her life has become. She tells her about Ted and Kristin's fight and warns, "but if you say the wrong thing, you could end up at boarding school." Sutton shudders at the thought of uniforms and says she'll allow Emma to continue on in her life through the trial. Plus, she claims, she needs to "decompress" after her time on the ranch. Because playing with horses is sooooo exhausting! She notes Emma's deflated face at the mention of her time with Ethan and really twists the knife, saying that he would talk about Emma all the time -- during their long, intimate horse rides. She blah-blah-blahs about how much more "spiritual" and "real" the ranch is, and says snidely, "You'll get there someday!" Before Emma's eyes can roll out of their sockets, her phone rings with a text from Laurel warning her to get home ASAP. Emma leaves her phone outside for just a second to put up her plate inside, and in that time Sutton intercepts a message from Theresa that says "Wanna see Ethan? Jailhouse steps -- 10:00." Of course she sends an ardent "YES!" and then deletes all the messages so it will look like Emma has stood up Ethan. Wench.

As Emma heads into a coffee shop to meet Mads, she looks forlornly at her phone and its apparent lack of messages. When Mads says her tardiness is "so like Sutton," Emma -- bless her -- actually defends Sutton. Of course Mads isn't hearing it, but there's very little time to brood over Sutton's former misdeeds when Emma is too busy brooding (unknowingly) over Sutton's current trickery. She looks once again at the phone in hopes of a message that she doesn't realize already came.

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